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  1. Cigarettes kill our enviroment!!!

    Already banned in most public places in the US. Only a few eating places still allow it.
  2. How did you celebrate World Carfree Day?

    Worked at home, like most days :D
  3. Little secrets to save our Earth...

    Think you will see a trend in this direction as heating and cooling costs force people to consider the cost of "unused" space.
  4. John McCain's nuclear plan will (at least) cost you $315 Billion

    I am sure that is what Obama has in mind, then we will send $50billion feeding the ones that survive, according to one of his current speeches...... :lol:
  5. Your Favourite Social and Bookmark Site?

    As opposed to the abnormal braindead people which could greater segment of the population. B)
  6. Climate Change Mitigation

    I vote for the sea water mist, if nothing else it looks really cool..... B)
  7. Species Relocation???

    So, we want to try again and experiment with the lives of animals. If they live, yea for us, if they die(or destroy another species) opps! <_<
  8. Greens in America

    I did not say the party was far left and most people don't make that mistake in the US. One of the issues that the Democratic party has is that it is a divided party. You do have the centrists but the far-left faction of the party considers them to be on the right. Sort of a "if you don't believe like we do then you are against us". Obama lost some of their support when he tried to drift to the middle of the road. They refused to support Hillary at the start because they could not control her. ;)
  9. Greens in America

    Not true because you make the mistake of assuming that all Republican are Far-right and that all Democrats are the same. The BIG problem that the democratic party has today is the FAR-Left part of the party. And you really dont want them in power. Huge problem that the democratic party has in this election is that they have stopped talking about the issues and gone to personal attacks - a real turn off. As the issues have become more important, the democrats act like they are still running against Bush - Democrats have failed in California, and are still failing, at the wrong time. Those clowns cannot get a budget passed! Is that really who you want run the country? :lol:
  10. Climate Change Mitigation

  11. Species Relocation???

    you will not see them create flying pigs, that would lessen the weight of the pig and therefore reduce the value. Have to be realistic.... I suspect that if there is an "relocation" the animals will do it on their own...
  12. Species Relocation???

    A real scary thing here is that species relocation would require the permission of multi-nations and every environmental group that you can think of. Odds of an agreement, about the chance of pigs flying. It "sounds good" but in reality, never happen.
  13. Greens in America

    The future of the Green party will have nothing to do with who wins the current election. The Greens have failed this year to get their message out and have selected candidates that were already "tainted" as being labeled "nuts" by their own actions. Very hard for the young activists to get charged up by someone that has already been labeled a loser before they start (and in one case only joined the party in the last year). We really need a third party but they have to be seen as addressing the issues that voters are really concerned about. The "our issues are more important than yours" mindset, only plays well in a very small circle. The media is also a major reason that the Green party has a hard time getting "face time". The media this year has played to Obama because he was the "dream candidate" for the key newscasters who played to the ultra left and the "management" wing of the Democratic party (the inside good old boys). Hillary was the candidate of the rest of the party and was great for generating viewer ship since she was a woman(and a Clinton). The Greens could not compete with Hillary because their "woman" was a certified nut case and Obama finished them off. Maybe next time, they will figure out that they have to get the message out that they are addressing the issues that the majority are concerned about.
  14. Climate Change Mitigation

    The more "direct action" is to do many things. Reduce the reliance on carbon-based fuels has to be addressed on many fronts, solar energy, wind energy, wave energy are just a few that are in production and need more funding to get to the place where the reduction in carbon-based fuels can be really be reduced. You can bet that in 2009 you are going to see a huge shift to electric or electric/hybrid cars at least in the US. You will see the shift quicker in Europe and the US than in the less developed county's just because they can react quicker.
  15. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Wow, they drill another well and the world comes to an end. Interesting concept however they are going to drill new wells, they are going to put up more and varied types of wind driven energy sources as well as a few on the drawing board, but, the world will survive! B)
  16. Not a single candidate, Republican or Democrat has touched the issue. Why? Many think that the answer lies in "Al Gore". He may have won an award but he got a "F" in presentation. Gore, did an outstanding job of doing a "Chicken Little" impression and then turned it into a political football. Two strikes against the message! Keep in mind that in the academic world the "publish or perish" rule is supreme, and you had the "its good science" crowd followed by the "its bad science" all racing to publish their competing views. The average candidate is wanting to appear calm, cool and collected. The fact that not a single Democrat in the race has raised the issue, or had Al Gore campaign for them, is a clue to the fact that Gore really did climate change a major disservice in the way he presented it.
  17. How to buy responsible, how to buy smart

    Less cow meat is better all the way around for a health standpoint. I go for fish and chicken myself. Todays beef is just one step away from being a "processed food". :D
  18. Be weary of so-called "Green" products

    I think Method started on the west coast of the US and is in the UK and Australia that I know of, expanding slowly. If it is in the UK, Sweden cannot be to far behind.
  19. Anti-Human Propaganda

    Yep, keep a sense of humor and ask a lot of questions
  20. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    Drilling now will bring prices down just because of the threat of increased oil. Of course it is not "the" answer but is is a fairytale to think the you can switch to something else in the next 90 days.
  21. Be weary of so-called "Green" products

    Not only green but different as well.
  22. UN official says biofuels are a "crime against humanity"

    Have to agree and so do many which is why there is a large movement to find alternative plants that will function even better as a fuel source. Several have already been found....
  23. Why is climate change not in the USA primaries?

    We already investing in green renewable energy, just not enough but you for sure cannot use "high" gas prices to pay for it. And drilling now will generate a return in far less than 10 years, try 2-3 years.
  24. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    Yep, only answer, drill here, drill now and push finance for alternate sources of energy. To pretend that we already have all the energy answers that is needed is wishful thinking. You have to have lower cost energy while the new forms are brought online. B)
  25. Offshore Drilling: Yes or No?

    Fairy Tale time! :thumbup: