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  1. This is how the US police treats bicyclists

    NY might be in the running for "Police city", New York State has a lot of "country" areas that are a little more laid back than the city. The city has always had a high standard for the quality of corruption of officials and the police. ;)
  2. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    Yeah, just image if the crooks in the banks were held accountable for the crap they have been doing, maybe we need some one in office with a sense of right and wrong....
  3. I guess only if England becomes the next Arctic! Which is not likely. More likely that the EU area may see a better climate, warmer winters and longer growing periods.
  4. This is how the US police treats bicyclists

    The New York hardly represents the US! They are sort of a world unto themselves... Visited there several times, never saw any need go back.... Like living in a rats nest...
  5. The European Central Bank

    Sad but true of a lot of places around the world. Although the recent money problems have trimed down the number of people ranging far from home....
  6. Why is the European Central Bank working against the interest of Europe and the rest of the world? ECB
  7. The European Central Bank

    Coast line looks outstanding!!! Clearly has to be a tourist hot spot.
  8. You asked what I thought of him, has nothing to do with being patriotic, he just sounds like "if its not here then it must not be worth much". He could have said that about Canada and I would have thought the same. Europe still is the center of the literary world only as long as you live in Europe. The people in China would clearly question that due to the age of some of their works....
  9. The European Central Bank

    Your statement would seem to be at the core of a lot of the problems worldwide. Leadership implies that there is someone who leads and not issues ultimatums to "drive" other people. When the "leaders" provide a method for the cities to comply with the reduction in ozone they might have some hope of hitting the goals. The reason there is no enforcement is that they know they have no valid method of achieving the goals they have set.
  10. The European Central Bank

    Spain ok, Poland, ok, whats wrong with France? :huh:
  11. The European Central Bank

    Ah, good point! But, they are working on it!
  12. Which animal can live without water?

    Reminds me of a sign I saw in a Copenhagen, Denmark sandwich shop "Beer, not just a breakfast drink". Suspect there are few more places in the world other than Protugal, where beer has replaced water. On another note, rose bushes will flower quicker if you put a can of beer on each plant (one a year), plants do not seem to have any quality issues! B)
  13. Race is on to Halt Brazilian Forest Loss by 2015

    There is a sucker born every minute! Considering the graft and corruption in that area, only 5 billion would be spent doing something creative. And considering that 756 square kilometres of Amazon was destroyed last month, just to break even you would have to be planting 756 square kilometres a month. The man power alone would be staggering and the cost would be ongoing. Suspect that this will require more than "planting trees" to fix this problem....
  14. Solar Power As Alternative Fuel

    Clearly there is fine line between a blog and an advertisement here. I did like the line Good marketing there. He does not want you to buy it but invest. <_<
  15. No Horace is just a bigot, and sounds like he is ignorant of the literature of different regions of the world. Sort of the "not invented" here mindset. :thoughtful:
  16. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    If you are willing to admit that obama is unqualified, stupid, a nutcase, and a danger to the world security, I might discuss it.... :thumbup: :D
  17. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever Appears that Scientists are the ones that came up with that idea, but I guess shallow minded liberals are only able to hurl personnel attacks and are not capable of considering that scientists may consider the theory possible. :lol:
  18. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    You clearly have sucked up to much democratic party BS. You have exceeded her in nebulous ignorance! Obama will never tax the oil companies like you said. He cannot tax anyone! Only the congress can raise taxes and the dems are just as locked into the oil companies as anyone. Obama talks good but, he would be totally controlled by the democratic party. B)
  19. Race is on to Halt Brazilian Forest Loss by 2015

    This is one of those stories that you really hope is true, however given that the target is 7 years out pretty much puts into the area of a smoke cloud. They could speed this up by 5 years and I would give it some hope since then you have an ROI that you can see quickly.
  20. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    I am impressed, you sound just like a democrat They are the ones saying they are going to raise taxes, and obama just wants to play the robin hood role, rob from the rich (any one that has a job) and not give back to anyone..... Truth is that neither the democrats nor the republicans have a real good handle on what is going on and neither wants to budge from their current position.....
  21. oxo-biodegradable plastic bags and other items

    I guess the question is what is the definition of "food" that these bags are made of. The comment about "starving the poor in the 3rd" sounds like a smoke screen.
  22. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    I think that obama would be what would send the country under. He promises things that he can never come thru on like a tax decrease for 95% of the people and at the same time he has massive spending programs that far exceed anything on the books. He is great at talking "change" but very thin on how he is going to accomplish it and what that really means to the average person. The news media all but falls down and worships him. That colors a lot of what you see in the news. Saying that she is the "worst VP ever" is doing nothing more than repeating the mindless drivel of "name calling" which the democratic party has fallen into instead of discussing the issues. If you study history, you will see that there has always been "change" regardless of who won and that will be true this time. So there will be change, its a question of can we afford the change. obama's vp has stated that everyone should be happy to pay more tax(guess one month obama will lower them and then next month his vp will raise them higher than they were!
  23. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    Better Sarah Palin that the empty suit that is obama and and his wortheless vp.... :D
  24. Fox News: Home of the Republican Eye

    I think obama demonstrated a greater degree of ignorance and stupidity myself. :lol:
  25. Cigarettes kill our enviroment!!!

    Most smokers have a very hard time cutting down which is why there is a big business in medical "solutions" that decrease the "need" to smoke. addiction is not boring!