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  1. Limited Edition Electric Mini's

    Come on, give us a break, now electric is not cleaner than gas! The end of private motorism, you need to get out in the rest of the world that others live in. China, India, Africa and the Americas have such huge distances to cover that public transportation will never cover the farmers that need to get to market along with the other business that people must get to. And cars not smarter, so cars and computers are not going to advance past their current levels!!! :lol: You need to have a few more cups of coffee!!!
  2. Limited Edition Electric Mini's

    Hey, for the average person, that looks like it should be a winner..... Axon....
  3. Should I get a Mac?

    Have to agree, since most of the applications that I need are Windows based, then Windows is a much better choice. If you need the Microsoft Office Suite then Mac is not the best choice......
  4. Should I get a Mac?

    Hardly the correct comparison! :lol: Windows is still the better choice due to the fact that more software runs under Windows than does under a Mac.
  5. Should I get a Mac?

    So why buy a more expensive system then if there is no difference, buy the Windows PC.
  6. Limited Edition Electric Mini's

    500 must be a test marketing effort only. Sad because that is what they should be hitting the market with...
  7. Cool Earth Solar

    False logic there, you cannot force something that people depend on to cost more because that does not make eco-friendly things cost less, just screws the people. What makes them cost less is finding ways to produce them for less cost or provide them at less cost. B)
  8. Do animals deserve rights?

    Hey, there are a amazing number of people who are convinced that they have been abducted by aliens, enough so that they have "abduction support" groups just like AA. Only I gather they think it is more "used" than appreciated.... :thoughtful:
  9. Do animals deserve rights?

    1) cruelty is never justified 2) animal life is less valuable than human life 3) respect and appreciation for animal life has nothing to do with animals being less valuable 4) animals were put on earth to be used and appreciated
  10. Al-Qaeda Endorses McCain and Palin

    Sounds like brain dead liberal crap!
  11. Should I get a Mac?

    because it is totally proprietary, ie non open source, and they are proud of it! The fact that they refuse to play in the market place and run standard software gives them a spot in the publishing market place. Many magazine publishing types use them because of the software that ONLY runs on that platform. I have friends that publish magazines and the software is the reason, not the OS. However, those same people have to convert a PDF in order to use it on their system. SO, depends on what you need in your everyday job! B)
  12. Cool Earth Solar

    The real problem with "taking into account environmental and health impacts" is that becomes "playing with numbers". The bottom line is that "being cost competitive" is always the KEY to a new idea being accepted. You are looking at a persons pocket book. They will always buy for the most part, the best product at the lowest cost. For the majority of the people, environmental issues will never factor in. That may not be what we want but when it comes down to the average person spending the money they have, cost is a key to the decision making process. Take a car, option one is a car using gas that costs $20,000 and an electric car that costs $40,000, the electric car will never make it in the market place because that $20,000 difference can not be recovered in the life time of the car. Bottom line is that wasting time bad mouthing clean coal is not the answer. Between now and the time that we can use technology to bring down the cost of alternate energy forms you have to use something and it has to be cost effective. :info:
  13. Extinction 'by man not climate'

    It's also too easy to try to blame it all on Humans which is the politically correct thing to do today. In reality, it is a little of both. The percentage is clouded due to the "expert of the moment" waving their flag. <_<
  14. Should I get a Mac?

    However, the bottom line should be the software that you need to run. If you need to be running the Microsoft software, then the Mac is not really the platform of choice.
  15. I started an "Anti-Green Movement"...

    I think Simon has an excellent point Given some of the content of sites on the internet today, good chance that many would miss that you are being sarcastic..... :huh:
  16. I started an "Anti-Green Movement"...

    Great time waster and considering that the wasted energy most likely caused the world temp to rise, a clearly worth while effort. Everyone should waste a little time each day! :D
  17. Should I get a Mac?

    Well, I work with people who have both. I would consider several things cost of course being one of them. Key is software, what software do you require as part of your work. I have a friend that is in the radio business and publishes a magazine, the best software he has found works on a Mac. However, he has to communicate with people that have Windows systems. He is always having problems with MS Word docs and images produced by Windows software. All of the work that I do is web development and MS Word document production along with project plans built using MS software that has to be shared with Windows users around the world. I do web meetings that depend on sharing the desktop and the MS Powerpoint with people in other countries so being compatible is VERY important. I have a Dell laptop, Dell docking station that hooks to the DSL modem. I could never go the MAC route due to the compatibility/shareability issues.
  18. Cool Earth Solar

    Here is the key statement Being cost competitive is always the KEY to a new idea being accepted. If this is really true then a LOT of cities around the world need to be looking at it. :thumbup:
  19. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    Quoting the Huffingtonpost is really shallow, they are a rag of political stupidity. McCain and Palin are going to really make changes in Washington and it will not be by screwing the American people with FAKE tax reductions like obama.
  20. 10 signs you have gone way to green

    Eco snobbery happens. Don't let it happen to you! The warning signs: 1. Instead of giving out candy on Halloween you hand out compact fluorescent light bulbs. 2. You recently printed out 50 copies (on recycled paper) of the "worst cars for the environment" and your idea of a fun night was placing them under an offender’s windshield. 3. The last time you went to a friend’s house for dinner you made mental notes then on the way out, presented them with a list of ways they can better green their home. 4. You sneer at anyone with a Zappos box in their trash because their “Free Shipping Both Ways†platform surely encourages people to buy three sizes of the same shoe, then ship back the others. 5. You’re guilty of spending your spare time playing with a carbon footprint calculator. 6. When you babysat for your neighbor's 6-year-old you made her watch An Inconvenient Truth. 7. You've decided to postpone your New Year's party until 1-20-09. 8. The last time you were at a family picnic you washed all of the plastic flatware. 9. You've replaced local movie listings from your toolbar with Green Meet Ups - and added a 60 mile radius. 10. A new colleague sincerely thought your last name was Evangelist. If you’ve answered yes to more than three of the above, you’re sure to help save the earth, but you'll be doing it alone! from Eco Salon
  21. 10 signs you have gone way to green

    Considering the quality of some of the plastic flatware on the market that is really not too far out... :D
  22. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    Yes, it is time for a change, vote for McCain and Palin and not the left wing nut obama. :thumbup:
  23. Americans must diet to save their economy

    You will find even many of the bigger markets looking to do this in the US. Its the only way they can get the cost of food down.
  24. Amazing GREEN city

    Yeah, you are right the Democratic party in congress has done their best not to lead when it comes to being "green". <_<
  25. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever check this out, obamas tax cuts are fake, just another scam and play at "wealth redistribution". The only nutcase is obama..... :thumbup: