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  1. Cigarettes kill our enviroment!!!

    From the latest poll (2007) the Cubans hold the record with 40% of the population smoking! The regions with the highest median rates of smoking are the former Soviet countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (29%), Central Europe (29%), and the European Union (28%). Did not see a breakdown by country in the EU.
  2. A Green Christmas

    Considering that people tend to burn more lights these days, the LED solution would same massive amounts of money.
  3. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    better manufacturing processes are not the answer, different processes are the answer producing a far different car than they produce today. Cars that are far more energy efficient, think what the effect would be if all cars got 50 mpg, instantly the oil requirement would be 1/5 of what is today. and on top of that we had electric cars that got the effect of 400 mpg. That is where they have to go and sadly they will only go if they are forced to by the governments. Ie, a bail out, is bad for business but good for the majority of the people in the long run. GM, has to unload the union contracts or they will NEVER be able to compete so a bail out without that is a never ending black hole.
  4. And if some of the new predictions are correct and we suffer a time of very cold weather, the EU could see refugees from the north and not the south.
  5. Useful daily UK links site

    Very interesting site, but, has some layout issues depending on the browser, Microsoft and FireFox did ok but Chrome expanded to the right so appears to be a CSS issue when the page load finished. Too many sites don't code for the middle of the CSS road and cause their own problems.
  6. Green cleaning and Green Products

    However, 80% of the green products today are not eco-labeled products. eco-labeling is really just now catching on.
  7. Obama Will Have Weekly YouTube Addresses

    Be very interesting to see if they truly follow thru on this, could shift politics from the newspapers and nightly news to the internet. That would make more people part of the information flow. You are already seeing newspapers reduce staff as they lose readership to the internet. Huffingtonpost has not been a super good source of solid information in the past, so will wait for this to be verified before I am convinced that we are looking at a true "change in direction". Hope that it does hold true. :)
  8. EU to cut out 'ugly fruit' rules

    And the EU does not qualify as a government!
  9. EU to cut out 'ugly fruit' rules

    bet there is a gov reg against that! <_<
  10. GreenHeart: Sony Ericsson's Eco-Friendly Phone

    I vote for the Nokia, they make solid products and that looks like a winner.
  11. My job finally did something green!

    Lack of recycle stations! <_<
  12. EU to cut out 'ugly fruit' rules

    Since what is an "ugly" fruit is subjective and may depend from day to day on how a person feels, clearly a "feel good" regulation at best. :lol:
  13. Bio Fuel that Grows on Trees...

    The fact that it only grows in the Patagonian rainforest may limit the production. <_<
  14. Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes

    However, back to reality, I suspect that the nuke industry was the seed of the strange plant. It is impractical due to several factors, the least of which is the "not in my neighborhood" mindset which would overcome the project. Also managing the numbers would never work with the typical government blunders. On top of that, I doubt that they have truly thought out the safety concerns that would arise from such mass manufacturing of reactors. :info: Cooling of the reactors is always an issue, so spreading that into crowded neighborhoods that may already have water issues would create problems that would take decades to resolve. Maybe they should spend their time on something that can be accomplished in our life time.... <_<
  15. Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes

    1 per 20,000 homes, take the number of people in your city and divide by 20,000 and you have a very interesting number, just think of the number of jobs that will be created building these things.... :D
  16. Solar power from Africa could power all of Europe

    agree with you on that point but not everything that is going on today can be blamed on that...
  17. found something interesting

    1) inventive way for a startup company to raise capital 2) inventive way for a con to raise capital 3) hard to tell at this point which of the above is accurate.... but we can hope it is 1. <_<
  18. Solar power from Africa could power all of Europe

    In the past, only if you consider England "Western imperialism", but now, people have responsibility for their own actions...... :info:
  19. Should I get a Mac?

    "change their license" that is true but you may have to get a different version of the software which is why many do not allow you to change....
  20. Solar power from Africa could power all of Europe

    I never said that the "financial situation is all due to their own mistakes". Some of the problems ARE due to internal conflict that cannot be resolved by blaming other governments.... taking the attitude that everything is "some one else's fault" will never resolve all the problems.
  21. Limited Edition Electric Mini's

    And while steps are being made in the right direction in most countries, the expansion of public transportation depends on the government making the right decisions as to the most effective way to do that. In countries with a large land mass, it is clearly must more of a challenge than those with a smaller land mass. The key is to find ways to make private transport as "green" as possible and do the same with public transport as well. B)
  22. Solar power from Africa could power all of Europe

    Sadly, a lot of their current problems are of their own making so we have to hope that they can correct some of the internal strife and take advantage of this...
  23. Earth Day

    In the US a tree planting ceremony to commemorate Earth Day seems to have caught on and clearly we need more trees. Maybe that aspect needs to be highlighted more...
  24. Don't forget to vote!

    Voted for McCain, Obama would destroy the country with his insane promises and lies.
  25. Limited Edition Electric Mini's

    You are making lots of assumptions that I suspect will not hold true. 14% green is not going to be static, clearly the pressure is on to move in the direction of sustainable power and more nuclear as well. More people are going to drive cars but better to electric using green and nuclear power. You will see more public transportation but private motorism is far from dead...