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  1. A Green Christmas

    And when you take the lights off afterwards the tree is still green and growing, the best kind of Christmas Tree!!! :D
  2. Tell EPA to regulate carbon dioxide pollution

    The EPA is requesting comments. In reality, they do not have the power to truly regulate carbon dioxide. They can suggest, but only congress/senate can pass the legislation to force, say the auto industry to produce cars that produce less emissions. Not even the president, bush or obama has that power on their own.
  3. A Green Christmas

    Not true, not a waste of time and energy! When times are difficult, people always need positive things to help them out and Christmas is always one of those times (as well as many other holidays around the world). The time spent on decorations and enjoying the season helps get people focused on positive things rather than focused on "what bad news we hear". Most of the news we hear today is "fake news", ie someones opinion instead of real news (what is really going on). B)
  4. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    Give me a break, that does not qualify for intelligent thought, just shallow minded liberalism.... You are better than that! <_<
  5. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    Has nothing to do with capitalism! What it has to do with is greed and corruption which you find under all forms of government. And keep in mind the greed was just as bad in the unions as it was in the management of GM. A key failure here was the lack of oversight of the board as well. "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups to do really stupid things". <_<
  6. Should you use more paper instead of less?

    I vote for sustainable sources - we are already headed toward using less paper. Here in the US, newspaper readership is falling rapidly enough that we are seeing layoffs in the big newspapers and several magazines are going digital to reduce their costs. The newspapers have been so one sided in the way they present news that they have turned off many readers and most can go online and get better, more well rounded news. :info: I think they call it shooting your self in the foot. You hear the term "death of journalism", to many reporters reporting their views instead of reporting the news...
  7. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    Yep, the fact that they have several models that have sold less than 2,000 cars this year has highlighted their problem of being out of step, and on TV last night it was pointed out that they have groups of people that are being paid "not to work", union contract. So public sympathy has gone down hill in a big way for the management and the union as well. As it turns out, the warranties will be honored during a bankruptcy reorganization, companies are not that dumb! Scary thing is that they do not have a plan to produce lines of cars that will meet any sort of green standards, Ford may be close but GM is way out in left field. Possible that Ford will produce a plan but that will really sink GM if they are not able to match it. Cannot keep a company afloat that refuses to produce cars that people want to buy...
  8. Symbolic or what?

    And the moral of that story is that "compassion" should never mean a total lock of common sense.... <_<
  9. Green cleaning and Green Products

    The error you are getting indicates that the website is empty but has been registered (DNS entry). Suspect that are in the process of creating the website and will upload the complete site when they are ready for "prime time".
  10. Invite Obama to Poland

    Because they are going for "bright lights" over having real substance and it has been pushed as the "cool" thing to use.
  11. Oh there is a real winner, lets kill off the humans and let the world return to its native state..... I see a real problem, way too many goals to ever attain because you have too many people each with their own statement of what the problem is.
  12. Symbolic or what?

    four legged or two legged? :D
  13. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    And the part that you are missing is that the unions have forced them to "pay their employees UN-reasonable salaries" which added to the fact they are producing cars that people do not wish to buy for several reasons including "gas-guzzling" and some truly butt ugly cars has put them in a position where they cannot be viable in the long term. They have to drop kick the current management of GM out the door, lower wages to the market norm, design and build cars more fuel economical than the competition AND build cars that you would want to be seen driving... :info:
  14. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    You are trying to make it too simple. YES, , but, also the unions have inflated the cost of the workers to the point that they are too expensive for the company also. The bottom line is that both sides have to give here. Replace the management with people that are willing to change the corporate model, develop a plan to reduce the over production of cars, develop a plan to REALLY produce cars that people want to buy and rewrite the union contracts. No company can compete in the market place when your base cost is far greater than the competition.
  15. Al-Qaeda Endorses McCain and Palin

    You are assuming that they would not have had a negative reaction regardless of who got elected. Which they would have, they have no interest in either party, only spreading hate! <_<
  16. Earth Day

    Woof! :D
  17. Make your new start-up, Green from the start...

    Good suggestions in there that should be looked at by any business.
  18. Fatfree Vegan Recipes

    chickpea salads Give one of these two a shot, pretty good.. Creamy Chickpea Salad with Fresh Herbs us the best
  19. Should you use more paper instead of less?

    In the US, the logging companies DO plant more trees and in some place have planted entire forests, staggered for long term logging. However, it is true that in 90% of the world the logging companies do not replant.
  20. The fence is supposed to...

    What, are you saying they might have fuzzy vision here? The entire UN has been losing credibility for years....
  21. Some good news at last!!

    Hey, we could be looking at a new Ice Age here! Be a little open minded! :rolleyes:
  22. Let GM and the other failed auto giants go under

    How likely, pretty much close to ZERO. Just how dumb are these people, show up and pretty much say that they have no clue as to how they will spend the money. Yeah, really want to trust this bunch of dim bulbs. :info: Sadly, the only way they can turn it around is shed the union contracts. The average worker make twice what the workers at other car makers. Oh, the top 20 managers (added together) at Toyota don't make what the CEO of GM makes, hard to compete when your base overhead per car is $2,000 more than your competition. :mad:
  23. Fatfree Vegan Recipes

    Great site, and some super good recipes. Have noted several to try out.... :D
  24. Cocaine users destroying the rainforest at 4 square metres a gram

    maybe we see a root cause of the problem here, no pain, no gain..... there is no pain to using coke, no moral/ethical values in the population that see it as wrong, no real concern about the environment only their next hit! So, tell me why they should stop? <_<
  25. Cocaine users destroying the rainforest at 4 square metres a gram

    link is broken! The answer to that one is no! The average "casual user" is addicted to some degree and the environment is not at the top of their list.