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  1. Hi Mountainhiker, thanks for joining again! :)

  2. Al Gore quote

    Al Gore, you mean the guy who gained 100 pounds sitting in front of his TV? I think he found it was much less effort to try to get others to do work than to do it himself. Plus he realized that since there was not an instant replacement for power plants clearly the solution was long term and he did not want to miss any sports on TV while standing in the rain waving a sign for the next two years.
  3. has not set their status

  4. True Cost of Carbon Cap and Trade Regulation in USA

    Sadly, there is a legitimate difference of opinion on how much this will cost. Clearly, obama has no clue as to what the true cost will be nor does he care. This is nothing more than a way to raise money! It appears that most of the people who voted for it never read the bill and have no clue as to what is really in the bill, also keep in mind that one of the holes in the bill is that some of the major targets are well after obama would be out of office. The next administration can alter this bill if it turns out to be too costly and not achieving the correct results....
  5. What is worth more? A human or one mp3 file?

    Yep, pretty sad state of affairs but that is an accurate summation of the current value system that the current crop of judges live by. :angry:
  6. GMO rice - would you eat it?

    I suspect form past experience, the EU regulations will be more fluff than anything solid, (money)....
  7. GMO rice - would you eat it?

    "banned from EU in 2017" so, it will be used for the next 8 years, by then they will have made their money and have another product on the shelf for several years, worthless slap on the wrist.
  8. Earth Hour 2009

    Publicity stunts detract from any real discussion of the subject.
  9. The Age of Stupid

    As long as you like sci-fiction is may well be good. So far does not appear to be good enough to make the major theater chains who look for attendance($) rather than hype....
  10. "They dont improve the public means of transport to persuade citizens to use them. " that is a key point and applies everyplace. Very few governments are really doing what they need to be doing to improve public transportation. People cannot use something that is not in place so they have no choice but take private cars. Amazing the number of people that want to restrict cars when people have no other choice. We can talk "green" all we want but FIRST you have to have an alternative IN PLACE for people to switch to....
  11. Do you smoke?

    I don't either, never picked up the habit and given the cost of smokes these days more reason than ever not to! One of obama's first moves was to raise the cost of smoking which hurt the people on the lower end of the scale the most, strange how that worked out! <_<
  12. Insight or Prius?

    And, they have a better one planed for next year! :D
  13. Insight or Prius?

    Toyota Prius would get my vote, had Toyota's for years and have always gotten good service.
  14. Earth Day 2009

    Just as we have a National Trails Day for people to come out and work on hiking trails, Earth Day can serve much the same function, getting people out of the house and into the outdoors. Every park needs volunteers to work on various projects. And on NTD here, we normally get about 200 people on a Saturday. You arrange it so that you have activities for all ages, and mix educational functions along with work details that each accomplish a task that makes the park better. We can get stores to donate food and drinks so it turns into a great social gathering....
  15. Norway may ban gas cars after 2015

    Still, that is better than it was a few years ago! You are trying to turn around a large ship, not a paperclip! <_<