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  1. Hello.

    I'm Sugarhill. I just thought I'd come through during my workday from time to time to pick up a few ideas on how to not further destroy the environment. If I'm going to goof off on the web, it should be somewhat productive, right? :)
  2. I think if the average city could have a subway and bus system as efficient as New York's, but as clean as Washington D.C and what I remember of Atlanta's, more people would use it. In New York, you miss one and another one is coming fairly quickly. However, both the buses and trains are a crappy mess. Litter everywhere. In D.C. the Metro is unbelievably clean, but the times between each train and bus is spread out a little longer, almost every half hour for the buses.
  3. Hello.

    Absolutely. Who knows, I may come across something that can help us become a little more conscious and save money as well as energy. At least that is what I'll tell then when I have to explain why I was on the internet. :D
  4. How do you get to where your going?

    I either walk or take the subway. Occasionally, I take the bus, but for the most part, I pick the station that has most of what I need around it, walk here, there, everywhere and then take another subway ride back home.
  5. Eco Gadgets you own

    Well, two I consider gadgets and the last one, I don't. I don't consider my water filter a gadget, but I see that some in this thread do, so I'll change my mind for the sake of this thread. I've been using a water filter for years, so I feel good about that. I also have a NookColor and I think the fact that I'm not buying a bunch of paper magazines is a huge help, because I do buy a lot of magazines. I don't always get to read them as I should, but that's one less piece of paper that I have to take responsibility for. I also take a lot of notes on my phone and save paper that way.
  6. Google Plus

    I do have a Google+ account, but I don't really use it for its intended purpose. I don't make any posts, but I do have some writers that I follow so I have a steady stream of content on it. I've never really used any social media, so I'm still trying to decide whether I will step out into the virtual world with Google+ or not. I do like the look and potential of Google+.
  7. How much Rubbish do you throw out ?

    What I try to do is if there is room in my refrigerator, I'll leave cans, food scraps or take out remains in there. I wrap them up in an empty cereal box or the bags that they came in and then I'm able to limit how many times I'm sitting out a bag of trash. It usually knocks at least one day off of the three days that they pick up.
  8. Green Bag

    I have recyclable bags in my home and in the car. My mother also has no problem buying a new one if she forgot one in either of those places. I took to them rather quickly and the only issue I've ever had is simply remembering them. I like them for not only being more sound, but they are just better quality and I don't have to worry about a bag ripping on the way home. Recyclable bags will really take off in the state of Maryland as they now charge .05 for each bag.
  9. Mobile phones take-back programs

    Well, I want to cut them some slack as they could do nothing and it wouldn't stop the people that actually do replace their phones out on a yearly basis. If not, sooner. What would be really nice is if all the companies that do this donated a % of the returned phones to domestic abuse shelters. That would make their efforts a little stronger.
  10. Avoid stagnant lifestyle

    Being stagnant is something that anyone in front of a computer struggles with, but I think even more if the person works from home as I do. One thing that I do is to treat my situation as if I'm working in an office, so I do shower and eat prior to actually sitting down to work. I feel that helps a lot when I want to get up and take a break. I can easily just put on some shoes and take a walk versus having to go take a shower and then leaving the house. It also helps me in taking more breaks because it's something quick just as it was in an office. I will also make note of certain chores that I need to do and get up and do parts of them during the day. Just to break it up for about 15 minutes or so.