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  1. Google Plus

    Just started with Google+ and try to get the feel for it. I'm pretty occupied with creating my own blog and that feature is awesome.
  2. Stupid SUV owners...

    Stupid it is. But more frustating not even thinking of recycling and thus no respect for the environment. Talking of approximately 460 bottles. Hope the court thinks "green" and told her this as well
  3. Another example of the big denial. A pity that such people must lead the world. Poor people who vote for him. Better go you own way folks.
  4. What's your occupation?

    I used to work as an Administrator. Since I live in Mauritius I do some freelance work as a Guide and helped here and there with administration. Mostly you can find me in front of the desktop to post at forums. I just try to entertain myself till I reach my retirement.
  5. How do you get to where your going?

    I walk a lot, no problem as most of the daily necessities can be found close at hand. Sometimes I use public transport.
  6. Do you use bicycle?

    I used to cycle the greater part of my life. Since I went abroad I hardly cycle, it's too dangerous here to cycle as there are no cycle lanes. Besides this it is too hilly and most of the year too hot. I gave up and sold my mountain bike.
  7. What are the plants in your yard?

    There are some trees in the garden: palms, avacado, mango, passion fruit, lychee. A guava and coffee plant, for the rest chillies, onions, chou chous. And many flowers: roses, begonias, etc.
  8. Which is the real problem: Overconsumption or overpopulation?

    Overpopulation causes overconsumption. It does not matter where you live. Either you cannot find enough to eat or you have to pay too much for certain foodstuffs. This world is simply to small to feed 6.8 billion souls.
  9. What are your favorite foods?

    I like spicy food, which means all curries; a nice tandoori chicken, fried rice, macaroni with sardines, but also stews. Grilled salmon with garlic sauce and pilav, Wow! As any real Dutchman you can wake me up with a big plate of chips with a lot of mayonnaise.
  10. The U.S. now uses more corn to fuel their cars than to eat

    Seems to me that it is not important to the farmers where there crops will go as long as they get a good price. Corn is meant for food and not for fuel. How many people are already starving in this world? Must we increase this situation?
  11. How our economy is killing the planet

    Of course the damage is irreversible. Put the image upside down and you will see what has to be done. This is not a joke! For example: - Reduce the use of paper and plant trees. - Use your car less often and choose public transport or start carpooling. - etc.
  12. What do you collect?

    Same as you stamps, coins and banknotes. Some of the them are quite old, but I never bothered to find out the value of the collections. But still keep them in a safe place.
  13. Hello

    Thanks zar for your welcome. Have to orientate a little and find good topics to comment to and drop some of my own.
  14. Hello

    Newbie to this club. Love to meet people to share ideas and opinions about green living.