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  1. The Occupy Wall Street protests

    I see why they are protesting but some people join for the heck of joining. I agree there is an issue but I don't think they are taking the right approach to it. I think they should either get off their butts and get a job or actually find a productive way to approach their issues.
  2. Favorite animal

    Personally I think my favorite animal would have to be a dog. They make great pets and they're mans best friend. They are loyal and always by your side and cute! I love my dogs that I have.
  3. Picture: Things to regulate according to GOP

    Well I actually agree with this picture to a certain extent. When it comes to Abortion I'm against it, but I'd like to see something done about the environment. Not make a huge transition fast but slowly start making better choices when it comes to the environment.
  4. Largest Crocodile Captured

    I actually didn't know that, thanks for sharing. That thing looks monstrous. I can only imagine how that person who found it felt. I'd be terrified.
  5. How do you get to where your going?

    Depends on where I'm going. I usually just take my car as that's the only real transportation in my area. If I'm going somewhere far I usually fly or take a train.