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  1. We have some of those high efficiency light bulbs that last a long time and they're pretty great. Aside from that, we use a water filter to purify our tap water so that we don't use the bottled kind. Before we got the purifier that attaches to the faucet, we had a pitcher with a filter in it. Not only does it use less resources, it also makes the water taste so good that the kids drink more of it!

  2. That looks good! From what I can tell from the link, it's Android 2.3. That's not really a bad version of Android, but it is a bit outdated. I have an Acer Iconia A100 and it recently had Android 4.0 released for it. It was 3.2 but 4.0 is a huge upgrade. It plays movies seamlessly and the graphics are excellent. It has a dual core processor so it's really fast. I usually use my laptop, but I prefer my tablet after a while. I like being able to curl up on the couch with it, which is difficult to do with a lapdesk on my lap and the laptop on top of it.

    I actually just purchased an A10, which I think is the lesser version of that A80 you linked, for my daughter's 10th birthday for $91 and it has basically the same specs as yours. I'm going to flash it to Android 4.0 so she can use all of the extras. It's coming today! I've been keeping an eye out for UPS to come by. She's going to be so excited when she gets home from school.

  3. Wow. At first it didn't look big until I scrolled through the pictures and saw the one where all of those people were standing behind it. That's just beyond amazing! He's such a gorgeous creature, too. I really hope that he's released into the wild in an area that isn't populated. I really hate zoos unless they're used to help repopulate a species and the animals will eventually be released when they can survive in the wild again.

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  4. I wish I could walk! Unfortunately, it's not really feasible where I live. I'm in the mountains and everything seems to be uphill and ten miles away. It's not always that drastic, but it's not too far from the truth. I do try to carpool whenever possible and I'll get as much done in one trip as possible so that I don't have to get out and drive so often. I usually get my groceries in bulk so I only have to go out and replenish my consumables, and I get those from the gas station 2 miles away unless I'm out in town anyway.