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  1. Welcome to the forums! :)

  2. Avoid stagnant lifestyle

    I too feel that I don't move a lot and am leading a rather stagnant and sedentary lifestyle. I sit in front of the computer between 6 to 8 hours daily but I do have to do house chores and go out to ferry my daughter to and from school but I don't break into a sweat doing all that. I do need to exercise but sometimes there's just so much work to do that I can't slot in time to exercise.
  3. Infographics about the great Pacific garbage patch

    Wow, this is really news to me. I didn't know there's so much plastic garbage in the ocean. I thought when plastic was invented, it was one of the best inventions ever created because it's so light and durable and unbreakable. I think we need to make safer plastic and recycle the plastic that we use and to stop using plastic as disposable items like for carrying groceries or storing foodstuff that we eventually throw away. We need to use more biodegradable materials. I remember when I was a child going to the wet market with my mother. The fishmonger would wrap their seafood in papers for customers. There weren't any plastic bags and my mom always carried a bamboo basket to the market. Now everyone uses disposable plastic bags. I think it's time to stop this practice.