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  1. How our economy is killing the planet

    There's a great video series called "The Story Of Stuff" that talks about a lot of how our lifestyles and overconsumption is hurting the environment and what we can do about it. It's very informative, witty, and easy to understand, even for children. I highly recommend checking out the videos on the site:
  2. Earthship Biotecture

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, and I wanted to introduce you to Earthships if you didn't know about them already. Earthships are a form of sustainable, self-sufficient housing invented by architect Michael Reynolds. While Earthships are popping up all over the globe, the majority of them are located in a village in Taos, New Mexico. They are made mostly of recycled materials and have everything you need to live completely off the grid. an outside view The Earthship design principles are outlined on this page. Thermal/solar heating and cooling, solar and wind electricity, contained sewage treatment, building with natural and recycled materials, water harvesting, and food production. wall made with glass and plastic bottle "bricks" While Earthships have an unusual and beautiful appearance, their use of sustainable resources is what makes them positively amazing. Everything you need to live comfortably and completely off the grid is integrated into each building. They offer classes on how to build your own, or you can hire builders to create one for you. There are also prebuilt Earthships for sale or rent. A documentary about Michael Reynolds' journey to get permission to build these structures in New Mexico is detailed in "Garbage Warrior", a must see for any green enthusiast and people wanting to learn how to live off the grid. You can learn more about the Earthship project here: I would love to know your thoughts! I definitely want to move my family into one of these beautiful homes eventually. For now, we are just beginning to embark on a full time RV/camping lifestyle, and we plan to do so for the next few years at least. We're in a Workamper program in North Carolina and we intend to stay here while my husband finishes college.