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  1. Hi yournontoxiclife! Glad to see you on the forum.

  2. Home greening you have never heard of...

    I love the solar wind turbine! It helps compromise between my preference for wind power and DH's preference for solar. I will keep my eye out for this on the market.
  3. Green cleaning and Green Products

    And what about the basics? Vinegar, for example, softens clothes in the washer, eliminates odors, cleans soap scum, cleans windows, shines chrome, cleans floors, is a great to combat dandruff, conditions hair, eases the itch of mosquito bites and just today, I found it removes self-tanning stains. There are plenty of simple, nontoxic items we can make ourselves from just things we stock on our pantry.
  4. just joined enviro-space!

  5. glad to have found you all!

    I'm happy to have found this forum! I currently have a blog which focuses on green issues in addition to other ways to live a nontoxic life. I hope to learn a lot here!