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  1. Who is Greener?

    Just joined today after visiting this site for about 6 mos. Not one to jump in, but this topic was irresistible. My opinion is men seem to do "green" initiative things around their homes (CFL'S, insulate, caulk, programmable thermos), but women seem to be overall more green, both in and outside of the home. I think it evens out. Anyway, I'm usually not one to give free advertising, but I bought this CD guide to energy audits I found on ebay. It was $20 and I thought what the heck. The person who wrote it is an energy auditor who uses FLIR cameras to show the infrared images throughout the CD. I have to say, aside from the wow factor of what could be found in your home, he shows how to fix the problems w/ pics and illustrations. There is so much useful info in this one CD that I felt like I stole it. I highly recommend it for a small $ of $20. I'm off this week so I'm going to start using some of the things I learned in this CD, I'll fol up in the future w/ my results. If you want to check the ebay listing out, I found it under keyword energy audit and flir, b/c I was looking at infrared canera prices and came across it. These cameras are ridiculously expensive. -Ray