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  1. How green is nuclear power?

    hm.. i've heard that CERN are developing the antimatter now using the LHC... but i think the antimatter will be a horrible mass of destruction...
  2. thanks 4 the idea simon...

  3. Do you smoke?

    i hate smoke...
  4. favorite hero and villain

    i love wolverine & joker!!!
  5. Who is Greener?

    for me,women are not very concern about nature....... but they are naturally love the nature.. but men, they are very concern about the nature but somehow they forgot to take care of it... (this is just my opinion)
  6. 2009's Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

    it is not all about the ugliness... its all about the earth rite... but somehow the car manufacture should realize that the consumer still want to have a great-looking car besides green...
  7. hi all

    thaks simon...
  8. Earth Hour 2009

    somehow, i think it was a good project to show taht we still love our mothe earth.. rite???
  9. The Age of Stupid

    this movie sounds great!!!
  10. How green is nuclear power?

    hello guys... i've heard about antimatter... and it sounds great... but kinda make use a lot of money...
  11. hi all

    hye guys... i'm from malaysia...