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  1. There is a new healthier Coffee blend spreading here in Indonesia It comes from the waste product of making grape juice or wine.

    The left over product is the Grape skins and seeds which are dried and roasted then mixed with a Arabica bean blend or left coffee free and is brewed as a 100% Grape Coffee drink which tastes like coffee without caffeine and includes the antioxidant high dose from the grapes.

    Also popular are blends that are healthy are Clove and Cinnamon blends of coffee which are a great healthy boost to your body anyone that is interested can contact me to ask questions about the blends available.

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  2. Natural Shampoo

    Natural Body Wash

    Castile Soaps

    Traveling Amenity Kits

    Kids Diapers (Nappies)

    Baby oils,soaps,shampoo,Powder

    Soap Berries

    Lip Balms

    Please visit for more gift ideas. :)

    All products sold support children's education in Indonesia.

    All products are chemical free good for you and the environment. :)

    Massage oils as well :rolleyes:

    Please note we will need at least two weeks advance notice for Xmas orders.

    There is also a Xmas Diaper range as well Photos to be uploaded on site soon.

  3. Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry but I would like to know in what way the website does not look trustworthy enough to you :)

    All our current customers contacted us via the Contact Us page available from our website.

    We do not currently offer online purchases as we sell more towards wholesale in hotels and independent businesses in the US, Bali and Australia.

    It is indicated on the products page available to contact us for your orders.

    So, whenever you are interested to purchase...please do contact us...we would gladly assist :P

  4. XMAS GIVEAWAY for single parents :)

    We are doing a buy one get one free for single parents and the Green Community only while stocks last.

    The offer is for our BumzWELurve Diaper (Nappy) range :D

    To apply for this offer contact myself or go to our online site.... :wub:

    Also a discount will be given to the Green Community members on all of other

    Green friendly Products.

    Thank You for your support a % goes to a foundation for children's education in Indonesia. :)

  5. :wub: Hi just finished another batch of our 100% BIODEGRADABLE SHAMPOO AND BODY WASH

    These products are all natural no chemicals are added.

    Geranium Body Wash and Tropical Rain Shampoo :D

    These are a popular gift for Xmas with our customers so if you get in early while supplies last we are giving away a free bar of natural soap with each order of Shampoo and Body Wash. :D

    This offer is for the Green Community only :oecofriendly.pdf

  6. HAVE TO KEEP SPREADING THE WORD...............I use these daily I save $$$$$ and they are environmentally friendly :) PLEASE try these and help our water systems get less polluted. It is very depressing seeing what is happening to the rivers and waterways around the world. :(

    Easy to use I find I get a soapier wash from crushed berries, so I buy mine broken it releases the Saponin easier in the washing machine, plus I don't use any conditioner you don't need too. I just add essential oil to a cloth in the dryer when drying.To use I soak a handful in warm water for 10 minutes then place the water and then the berries (soap nuts) in a bag straight into the machine. :rolleyes:

    The best thing is its so fresh and natural no chemicals no dry itchy skin :o

    I get mine in 1kg bulk form from they supply me quickly and at the best price Ive found so it keeps me happy. :D

  7. Anyone wishing to use 100% ECO friendly home products I have just about all you need. :wub:

    Body wash,Shampoo,soaps creams,toothpaste,washing powder,body scrubs,Balms,Sunscreen,all 100% natural and we support a foundation for education to underprivileged kids. :)

    Our three top choices in starting a chemical free life.

    1) Shampoo Tropical Rain

    2) Geranium Body Wash

    3) Washing Powder for your Laundry

    Visit and slowly help yourself and the Environment xxx :wub:


  8. Well if you like making MOCHA I can send you Raw dark Cocoa or light alkalized Powder and Arabica Coffee beans then you will have a natural source with no additives :rolleyes: a kilo of each should get you through the winter. :D :D

    You can call it a Pudding if you like its just healthy Chocolate :)

  9. Hello Tammy,

    Welcome to this Blog I would love you to take some time and take a look at BumzWELurve :wub: , a product I have a passion for but also to see the positive help this Growing online business is doing in helping 3rd world areas to support children and their families.

    This online business is very active in Green activism with promoting their Green Products you can visit ecolurve dot com and see a range that supports being GREEN :)

    Thank you

    PS I support this women in her tireless effort to help local children's education.

  10. All we can do is help spread the word that anything that reduces pollution and waste using chemicals fossil fuels is a must to help our Mother Earth. Bigger companies are slowly becoming aware and are supporting Biodegradable products,plastic bags are disgusting when you see them blowing down the street in the waterways etc.

    Its a very slow process especially in the Asian economies where they want to raise their standard of living like the west.

    Boils down to greed :( and people being not happy with what they have and wanting more more more not many people are HAPPY with what they have. If anyone wants information on how they can help in a positive way to their economy just send me a message . smile.png

    Thank you

  11. This nappy range is great so cute :P I have friends that are using this range and they are very happy :) that they can save money and also avoid the waste and by buying Disposable nappies which take so long to break down. :angry:

    My girlfriend had her babies name embroidered on her nappies she has about 25 and gets liners (inserts) as well the best thing it saves so much waste and money and are chemical free :o :rolleyes:

  12. Just like to say Hiiiii to everybody and tell you about my main ECO Passion. :)

    My main aim is to reduce pollution and Chemicals in the Environment to help keep our Mother Earth a little greener.,

    I'm the business owner of BumzWELurve :wub: and the Aim is to help make this world a safer,Greener place to enjoy, I hope here with this Community I can get to Know people and build a lasting Relationship with. :wub:

    PS; PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME ESPECIALLY MOTHERS and anyone that cares about their health band Family. :D



  13. :rolleyes: I think I mean I know I'm a chocoholic -_-

    A quick favourite recipe I love to make.

    1 cup of dark Cocoa powder

    1 cup of coconut oil

    1 cup of Cocoa butter

    After melting the Cocoa butter ( needs to be grated to melt faster ) in a double boiler,add the Coconut oil melt if hard, stir in Cocoa powder and other goodies such as Goji Berries,dessicated coconut,Raisins,Dates,Pumpkin seeds,Cocoa Beans,Almonds,hazel nuts Brazil :wub: OK you get the idea any goodies that you love :D

    If using Cocoa Beans or Nibs just maybe 15 crushed ones for this mix as they are bitter so you have to add a sweetener I add Palm Syrup or Sugar for this mix around a quarter of a cup :o

    You can test taste the mix if its the right choice for you before you place it in the fridge to cool.

    So if you want just add more dates,Nuts Figs raisins whatever you like to bulk it up.

    This Healthy mix is full of Antioxidants so a little goes far.

    I get all my ingredients in Bulk online at at great prices :P

  14. MMMM China controls their population with the 1 baby policy but now its turning against them, all aging together not good.

    If population could be controlled and organized we still have over consumption through greed by the wealthy.

    Its controlling the population and spreading the resources and wealth to the whole population of Earth living together sharing as one race is that possible or a dream. <_< I guess we will never know so spread as much love and happiness as you go don't look back only forward. :wub:

  15. I love these they are so cost effective save me heaps of $ and they are easy to use.

    Its just hard to change your set ways sometimes especially your mums and dads they have been programed wrong hahaa.

    Soap berries are really great I save heaps of $$ using these :D

    I get mine at $15Per Kg :o some distributors sell them as high as $40 per Kg,you can get Liquid and powder as well but most of these have additives the best way to buy them is semi crushed as they release more saponin ( more suds ).

    I just soak them in warm water for 10 minutes put the liquid in the washing machine and the Soap nuts Berries in a drawstring bag and in they go with the wash. :rolleyes: