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  1. Hi, I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania, currently enrolled in an Engineering Entrepreneurship class. For our term project, my team is planning to develop a (hypothetical) product – high efficiency windows coated with a dye with PV cells that will generate energy. For our research, we are conducting a conjoint analysis for this product, and it would greatly benefit us if green consumers could fill out the survey for our product. Here is the link for the consumer survey for those who would be interested in purchasing the product for homes, etc. http://www.upennengrent.com/~pennseas/Sola...on/SolWlogn.htm Here is the link for the corporate survey for those affiliated with architecture companies, window installers, or companies interested in purchasing the product. http://www.upennengrent.com/~pennseas/Sola...rp/Corplogn.htm Thank you!