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  1. Go Green by Driving Less

    driving less will definitely eventually save the world. there's been loads of campaigns to encourage public transport and i think the most useful kind is where they link the benefits of public transport to health. there's this funny ad in the uk where they compare the bodies of a person who drives and a person who bikes and you guessed it, the body of the person who drives is all fat and obese while the biker is well fit. altho come to think of it, i think the ad was more to do with a bike shop than really encouraging public transport, but it still does the job! :D
  2. Cut back on the meat and help save the climate

    chicken, pork and lamb, it is all the way then! and i do agree, vegetarian replacements for meat is just disgusting.
  3. Funniest/Weirdest anti science/climate comment!

    this is ridiculous. it might just be a joke..:P
  4. Global Warming

    Yes you actually are too critical. it is always important to have positive-thinking people like treehugging_family. not everyone should go around thinking whatever they're doing, they have a motive. the t-shirt making company might be in for it for the profit, but the fact that people are wearing the shirts means the message still gets sent to be out there. We certainly hope for this to happen.
  5. Cut back on the meat and help save the climate

    the article is still quite strong though with the numbers that were presented. I think if regular people came across this article, they would probably second guess themselves for awhile before actually eating meat. But it is very hard to convince people to stop eating meat, i cant even stop myself! the most is refraining myself to eat less portions.
  6. Forests. Why people keep destroying them?!

    but we really don't need to be so negative bout it. there are loads of independent organizations out there that are keen on projects such as planting trees, etc. if people gives their support, it's not totally hopeless. i was eager to see the webpage with the images, but its gone again. =(
  7. Giant rat caught in China

    agreed. wonder what kinda weird thing might have caused such a mutation!