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  1. Hello Artemis! I hope everything is OK with you. Hope to see you soon. :)

  2. How can we improve this community?

    I love the phone idea too I just find the backround a bit tiring,I know it's totally irrelevant,but sometimes my eyes hurt when the backround is so maybe a light grey or green could be applied? but it's an awesome job Simon,and congrats for all the posts already :D
  3. so happy to see this forum growing again :D

  4. Hej! I am the very first user on this forum

    I wanna be a seed Hi everyone! :D
  5. hej hej! :)

    Nice to be here again, great work Simon! I missed talking green :)

  6. Hi Artemis! Awesome that you wanted to join another round. ;) I've added you as a friend!

  7. Hej hej :D

    No, not in Portugal yet. It's in two weeks exactly

    Where have you been,I never see you on msn..


  8. loves the new design

  9. The Sexiest PETA Ads Of All Time!

    Now this is very interesting. I think it does draw attention..err, not only to the picture but to the meaning as well. We do have to try all ways to make people notice what's going on anyways
  10. Happy Midsummer Everyone!

    Happy Midsummer!! :cute: We dont actually celebrate it here, it's not a popular day... No kind of tradition to celebrate it. :/ Hope you all have a great time whatever you do ^^
  11. Who is Greener?

    Dont be so sure A woman may be greener when it comes to CO2 emissions, but she is definitely worse when it comes to animal treatment. Buying so many cosmetics make most brands abuse animals in the worst of ways, to ensure that their products are successful. Cosmetic demand on the market makes expectations rise, and to meet those expectations, brands try endless new methods and materials.. Just imagine how many animals have been abused to have the 'Top eye-wrinkle vanisher of the year'...
  12. People definitely depend on oil and their cars. I think we can't hope that we will totally wean off oil any day soon. So talking about using means of transport is, for now, a more realistic hope, but still very difficult. Those who dont own a car can clearly see how addicted others can be. I have friends who can't go to the city centre by bus anymore, while two years ago it was perfectly easy and normal in their minds. Cars change people, they make them a kind of 'comformists'. They hate waiting at the bus stop, they hate a crowded metro etc etc. And once they have started using a car, it's very difficult to make them stop. SUV's are a nightmare, and fast cars too.. And governments dont help much, at least here. They dont improve the public means of transport to persuade citizens to use them.
  13. Who is Greener?

    Wow, fun topic. Which sex is greener... Well women usually have a more sensitive nature, and that may make them try more about the planet. But they also tend to buy all those magazines and cosmetics. Magazines mean that more energy is wasted, while cosmetics usually mean animal abuse.. However, men tend to be very fond of cars and speeding up, and they also make pointless purchases often. They seem to be less organised in trying to contribute, like recycling.
  14. How green is nuclear power?

    Nuclear power maybe green, but only if used in the right way. We should add the question 'and how dangerous?' next to 'how green'. One small mistake or misuse can end up to much worse problems and catastrophies than conservative sources of energy cause.
  15. Funniest/Weirdest anti science/climate comment!

    Loool! That's silly! I agree with Onlygreennogray, why did he need a hat? Did you actually reply to that one Simon?