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  1. " Green " Day ?

    Sorry about the play on words for the title. We should all look forward to a "green" day though... ( not just the band. ) I find that green jobs and products are the correct path for this world. I'm really interested in solar panel technology. I think that the technology has been around a long time except that the people who are making tons of money off of conventional fuels don't want the technology that is available to be used. We've all heard the current administration talking about green jobs and clean energy. I didn't even know what a green job was until recently. But then I stumbled upon this site It actually explains what a green job is first of all. There's lots of other great sites out there as well. ( like the enviro-space we're talking on now. ) I'd like to hear other people's opinions about green jobs and technology. One of my friends said they used to keep their beer in the river when they would go fishing... I said hey wait.. that's green technology ! hah. :lol:
  2. Green Jobs

    Green Jobs and Supplies are finally taking their place in the world. ( The way it should have been years ago ! ) The site below is useful in finding a career in Green and Eco friendly Jobs. GREENJOBSUPPLIES.COM Hope this helps any of you who are interested in moving towards the future in the right direction. :thumbup: