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  1. Little secrets to save our Earth...

    While I agree that clothing is an option - the real way to get people to change is not to compromise 'perceived comfort'. In actuality, no matter what you do, the home does not deliver comfort while keeping the energy use down. I am sure you cannot imagine that the house will ever be so cold that you cannot take a shower. In a cold house, showers are hot - so energy is wasted. Whereas in a comfortable house, the showers are comparatively cooler. The trick is in directing the heat to come on and go off at the right times. This is where controls come in. We live in a world of energy waste - we can decrease that waste without being uncomfortable - that is just scientific fact. Once we begin going down the route of energy conservation, we can start to take more radical steps that truly change our lifestyle. A violent and sudden revolution rarely succeeds!
  2. Greening Our Teens for a Healthy Future

    Teenagers are far more aware of the damage that they do to themselves, than we give them credit for. The trouble is that we are not empowering them!
  3. Little secrets to save our Earth...

    Most important area to save energy - Heating & Cooling. Where ever you are - it constitutes around 60 to 70% of energy being used in the house!!! Where are the good user friendly controllers that would help us save so much?