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  1. Hey There

    Well, I started it as a way to take action and in hopes to create a community of like minded people. I know much more can be done if we work together. With that said, i have made a special survey on the site, to see what the hot green topics are for people right now, and as a bribe to get people to take the survey, you get 10% off everything in the store. Theres even more info on how to get that 10% off FOR LIFE on the site, and share in the sites profits. Check it out, TheGreenOutfitters.com. Thanks, and hope to hear from you all soon. PEACE
  2. Hey, This is Kobra. im a new member to the site and forum. i recently took action on my passion to keep the planet clean, by creating a new organic clothing store, http://www.thegreenoutfitters.com . I have a couple articles about organic materials on the site, as well as my blog. I would love everybody's opinion on my site, products, and blog. If you leave me your comments, blog posts, recommendations, or just want to buy something...let me know your part of this forum, and I will get you a coupon for the site. More details on that later...but come on by, and let me know what you all think. I am also looking for businesses and people to work with.
  3. Hey There

    Hello, Kobra here. I am new to the site and forum. Im very passionate about the planet, cleaning it up, and keeping it clean. I took action recently, launching a new green wear clothing site, TheGreenOutfitters.com . All products are organic and eco hippie friendly. Always like to hear what people are doing to take action, and looking for people and businesses to work with, and partner up with, so drop me a line. PEACE