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  1. Do you smoke?

    No, I don't smoke and am not a fan of cigarettes also. I don't mind other people blowing there lungs out as long as their smoke and ash are out of my way :)
  2. Lithuanian Mayor crushes illegally parked car with tank

    Omg! I am laughing like anything. This is unbelievable. I would really hate to be the car owner. But I would sue the mayor.
  3. Green Lifestyle

    Nowadays, I am not using plastic bags for my shopping and groceries. From time to time, I take my bike to work and this helps me to reduce my carbon footprint and I do some exercises at the same time. I have also started to sort out my trash for recycling and I do hope more people in my neighborhood will follow suit.
  4. Effects of Global Warming

    As someone who lives on a small island, in the middle of the Indian ocean; I feel that in a few years time my country will no longer be having the present coast line.. Consequently, a lot of people will have to move inland; on the higher grounds. I can personally vouch for this fact. My country, Mauritius; being a big tourist destination will suffer. Tourism, being one of our economy's main pillar, will eventually die. Our opinions may diverge on the subject but all i can say is sadly some countries will no longer be found on the map during the next century. Industrialized countries should do more to protect smaller nations who are the ones to bear the full brunt of global warming.
  5. Will Planes eventually run on biofuel ?

    Recently, the first bio-fuel powered commercial plane took off from Mexico city and flew to Madrid in Spain. Right now, natural materials such as algae, jatropha and camelina are the main source from which biofuel can be produced. But as always, investment seems to be lacking. Furthermore, for infant enterprises to compete against already established industries like the Petroleum and Ethanol lobby is really difficult. Airline companies have been trying to cut down costs and when oil prices keep rocketing from time to time, this new form of Fuel should help to curb the costs. So, do you think that other big airline companies will follow suit? And what do you think about these powerful lobbies at work? Will the powers that be give a chance to biofuel ?
  6. Google Plus

    I am on Google + since nearly 1 month and so far it has been really quiet over there because Google + is still running in beta version and the only way to join is through invitation. I sincerely hope that Google does not lose focus and eventually in this clash of titans of the 2 social networking giants, it is us internet users who will eventually benefit. A healthy competition is a boon for all of us.