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  1. Green for kids

    I thinks its a good idea. The more that kids have to find about about green lifestyles the better. A character such as what you've made is a great idea as well.....helping to keep their attention!
  2. Picture yourself! :)

    yes......I'm a fly fisherman as well.....
  3. A Greener 2009!

    May this year be much greener than last. So far, in January I made a few changes around my place: installed some plastic film over my windows to stop drafts started diligently keeping my worm bin full of kitchen scraps, and I'm going to build a second bin as well, and pass some wigglers along to some friends to start their own. turned the thermostat down 5 degrees from usual, and I'm dressing a little warmer if need be. I'll be doing a bunch of things over the course of the years to make my place a little greener! dave
  4. Well well well, I've made it! I'm Dave, I'm from Canada and I'm an eco friendly enthusiast! Looking forwards to sharing knowledge and learning here!! Dave