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  1. Global Warming

    The U.S. is ready to confront the major challenge of global warming. America generates roughly one quarter of the globe's greenhouse gases every year. 174 countries adopted the Kyoto protocol to reduce carbon levels, however, the U.S. did not. The U.S. has resisted taking action on the global warming issue that threatens the survival of our coasts and farms, our health and the stability of our economy. For a full dialogue about global warming, you should check out We have not achieved consensus on how to solve the problem. Industries on the one hand have made few positive plans and on the other hand, environmental groups have proposed wide-reaching solutions that may seriously harm economic growth. America needs to adopt an aggressive, effective plan that accommodates concerns of the environment as well as economic prosperity. The U.S. needs to stop the negative impact of climate change and ensure the survival of our lifestyle for future generations without seriously damaging the economy.