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  1. I voted Green

    I really did, in the Canadian federal elections back in May. Anyways, enough of that. I'm el canadiano, proud Canadian, fiscal conservative, social liberal, university student, webmaster, all of that. Hope to meet you guys while I'm here.
  2. Healthy and environmentally friendly diets

    One of my friends actually ended up giving up vegetarianism for a given amount of time because she got sick a lot as well. I believe she said she went back to the diet in September.
  3. Cost of Solar Panels

    The Ontario government actually gives you a tax credit (so does Europe, as far as I know) for installing them on your rooftops. I was reading on someone who got their solar panels for around $20,000. In that, they got half off from the government, and they'll make the rest back within five years, in which the solar panel lasts for ten. It's actually a pretty good idea to lower the burden on the grids, you know.
  4. Do you use green bags?

    We have maybe 4-5 now. Everyone here now is starting to charge 5 cents for the old grocery bags, which has really been getting people to get the reusable bags.
  5. How do you get to where your going?

    I have a bike with me and I can always take the bus as I get it included as part of tuition.
  6. Healthy and environmentally friendly diets

    My mom and dad have similar diets. I'm not a veggie myself cause I'm also allergic to nuts, but whenever I can, I usually try to buy local. There's a very nice farmers' market in this region.
  7. How do you conserve energy?

    Using power bars are very good to conserve energy. Stuff like computers use up a hell of a lot of energy when turned off, and using a power bar to turn on/off the switches will save you a lot.