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  1. If people still have internet access, there are plenty of ways around the banning of social network sites. I do think it's crazy to do that, but if people keep attacking our internet freedom there will just have to be more and more creative ways to communicate.
  2. I think everything is random but you can find a pattern to anything if you're looking for one. You can see 11:11 every single day if you think about it all the time because you trained your mind to look at the clock at that time every day.
  3. Zoos?

    Zoos are a bummer in a way because the animals are in captivity but it is cool to see them. I sure probably won't see all of those animals in the wild in my lifetime but I do have the internet so I can see pictures and stuff. I generally feel bad for the animals when I'm at the zoo.
  4. What do you collect?

    I collect used books, mainly sci-fi and fantasy novels. I also collect video games. I am now collecting a few comic books, but that's just to sell them because I got a killer deal.
  5. NASA finds signs of flowing water on Mars

    I was about to say I heard about this already but I was thinking about the water on the moon. I'm still not sure what we expect to do about all this, I know it means there may be life in the water or something used to live there but there is no way we can live there. I guess I just don't understand why it's important. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
  6. Google Plus

    I'm using Google+ at the moment but it's a total bummer because only one of my friends is on there and I don't really know what to do when I'm on there. I do love the interface though, it's really nice. I hope it takes off and more people switch because Facebook is a mess these days and I'm getting tired of it.
  7. Healthy and environmentally friendly diets

    I eat meat and have no desire to stop. I do, however, watch the waste I create by buying things in saner packaging. I don't like to create lots of garbage. I used to live in the forest and saw how ugly pollution could get if you didn't take care of things. I can't stop eating meat though. I'm pretty sure even grain machines destroy habitats. It takes what, 7 gallons of oil just to make 1 car tire? Think of all the animals you kill just having your vegetables delivered to the store!
  8. How do you conserve energy?

    To conserve energy I've learned that not only turning off electronics, but unplugging them takes quite a bit off my energy bill. I also generally keep all lights and the air conditioner off when it gets dark and I use a small lamp or candles to light my apartment.
  9. Hello!

    Hi, my name is Brandon and I'm new here. I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. Hope to see you around and thanks for welcoming me into your community!