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  1. tree huggers look at this

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!! we must get rid of these big meaneeees and show them they are destroying the world. we must march the streets in big parades with big colorful blimps and big colorful floats that are ran eletricity and manure. we must unite as one, all of use equal men, women, little ethopian boys. to save the world from its unpending doom we will raise our rainbow colored flag to show we love the world in VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD i love those little ethopian boys!
  2. tree huggers look at this

    you are a horrible person that needs to be stabbed not shot cause shooting bullets also hurts the enviroment
  3. diesel smoke spotted!!!

    you ass hole your the reason why the cute little bambi deers in mother nature forest are dying. the world is going to collaspe from your big scary trucks. all my brothers and sisters have to fight ingnorant people like this. thats why i wear flip flops, live in a tree and drive a prius. we have to save this planet and eating nothing but celrey and carrots is how i do it!