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  1. Michael Moore releases new movie free on the Internet

    We have our own favorite celebrity. For this reason, his upcoming entertainment activity will be supported. Our remarkable things done and have personally and successfully achieved can be a good inspiration to somebody else. We can even try to make good in other field or profession as long as we are willing to learn and to serve the public. We've all been seeing a lot more Jennifer Aniston in the news lately, and she has a brand new calendar coming out, with racy pictures tantamount to a wet T-shirt contest. Now, if that's your cup of tea, you're getting your wish. She's blessed with the kind of good looks that few are privileged enough to have, and she somehow maintains an air of classiness whilst wearing a soaked flesh colored top. That's a rare thing – most wet T shirt contests conjure up thoughts of drunken, crazed, trashy behavior that you really only see in the seedier of places, and video series sold via infomercials on late night TV. Money may be tight these days, but would that be really necessary?