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  1. ]Convert Your Vehicle To Electricity I think by now most people have heard of “Global Warmingâ€. We are somewhat familiar with the term. Unfortunately though it doesn’t have a big impact on our lives, or so we think. People are too preoccupied with their own immediate concerns and day to day problems. Some of us might even be familiar with “receding glaciers†“stranded polar bears†or the name Al Gore, “but it doesn’t really affect meâ€. Too bad people don’t think more in terms of being a team player, and not just among us humans, but animals, plants, all of nature. Despite all our huge successes as a species, if we end up destroying our planet, we will ultimately be judged as a species that failed and failed big time! Since we should have known better, we’ll be rated dumber than the dinosaur. There are some people that do care, and there is plenty of information on the subject. Tips & Techniques on what we can do to help fight GW. One of the easiest if not THE easiest tip I’m aware of that surprisingly is not mentioned enough is Stop Idling Your Car. Think of it folks it doesn’t get much easier than turning a key. You see people everyday leaving their car with the engine running while they just pick something up from the grocery store, or just go to the bank machine, or just pick up their dry cleaning, or just pick up the pizza they ordered, or just …etc etc. Everyone seems to think “Oh come on, what’s my one little car going to do when there are billions of them all over the planetâ€? This is our big mistake right here folks, in that way of thinking. Collectively we created Global Warming, collectively we need to solve it. We need signs, lots and lots of signs that say “This is an idle free zone†There no reason why every truck loading dock in the world shouldn’t be an idle free zone. If you want to check out something that is fun, very smart, and endorsed by actors Tom Hanks and Danny DeVito, go to