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  1. What factors do you think would encourage more public transport? Please name your country when replying, as different factors will be apparent in some countries. I personally think that in the UK, we need: Cheaper public transport compared to cars. i.e. it needs to be financially worthwhile Flexibility - unless you can get to where you need to, there's no point using public transport Reliability - if a bus doesn't turn up, people won't use it again.
  2. 10 Completely Bizarre Eco Gadgets

    A bit of shameless self promotion today, but something I thought forum users would appreciate: 10 Completely Bizarre Eco Gadgets Dan
  3. I wish we could be so proud in the UK, but we can't http://www.freewebz.com/summerholidayconversion/rm.jpg
  4. Really like this one. It's about making people want to use public transport. Good call!
  5. 10 Completely Bizarre Eco Gadgets

    It took me about 2 months to collect together the list, but I got them all from a load of gadget sites I regularly read!
  6. Green and Eco Friendly Directories

    Directories used to be useful when it came to SEO, but only up until 2 years ago. Now most search engines just filter out links from directories as they are too heavily spammed. Directories that target a niche (like the environment) or a location (a state, town, country) etc tend to offer traffic advantages. The links don't add any real value. By the time a SEO technique is blogged about everywhere, then it's long-since out of date (usually due to over-use). Dan
  7. Green and Eco Friendly Directories

    Green directories have virtually no SEO benefits these days, but they are a great resource to finding green websites that might interest you. I want to compile a list of green directories. Please post the URL's below. Here's mine and Simon's: http://www.bigecodirectory.com http://www.green-directory.net/
  8. Green and Eco Friendly Directories

    Cheers. Once the list is compiled, I'll find somewhere to put it that others can find it more easily. perhaps on one of our blogs.
  9. Green Blog Resource

    Have you tried contacting them? They don't have a support desk, so no idea how likely it is you'll get it sorted. Thanks for the positive feedback! Dan
  10. Green Jobs

    Hmm, a lot of adverts, and you need to search to find anything. Why not just have categories to navigate? What countries does it target? Dan
  11. Green Blog Resource

    Best Green Blogs is ok, as you say, really hard to navigate. I have my green directory (http://www.bigecodirectory.com), I also recommend the green blogs category on BlogCatalog
  12. Greening Our Teens for a Healthy Future

    How would we "empower" them? Most teens do what they want anyway! :)
  13. Zoo chimp 'planned' stone attacks

    I also read a book recently that showed there was evidence to show that chimps will lie too. This was part of some research to get chimps to communicate... however, there seems to be some debate about interpreting the results.
  14. LED lighting

    Drop me a PM, and I'll give you my email address to talk more. :)
  15. Greening Our Teens for a Healthy Future

    Perhaps this kind of education could be taken to schools. A smart idea for a green-makeup firm perhaps... or some other eco-health organisation.
  16. Parking spaces vs Green spaces

    I have a similar issue with fields being turned into big housing developments in the UK. It won't be long before there is no green space left.
  17. Hand Build an Earth Sheltered Home

    That's just what I was thinking. Something straight out of Lord of the Rings.
  18. LED lighting

    Do you perhaps own the shop? :)
  19. How did you green your holidays?

    That's an interesting idea. Much cheaper than re-planting the tree. In the UK, I think there are some councils experimenting with shredding all plant and tree material, composting it, and then selling it back to homeowners as compost (to cover costs).
  20. How did you green your holidays?

    Yeah, but the tree renting is just one way of doing it. My family has re-planted the Christmas tree for years.
  21. How did you green your holidays?

    If the tree is planted in a pot of soil, it survives. You just need to water it.
  22. Protesters buy up Heathrow land

    Great story on BBC news today how protesters have purchased land near Heathrow that would be needed for the expansion for the additional runway. Legally, there's a way to force the sale. However, I imagine it would be an excellent case, as there will be thousands of protesters. Also interestingly, there are houses in the way, and there would need to be a way of forcing people to sell their homes for a bit of tarmac! That sort of injustice really annoys me.
  23. Protesters buy up Heathrow land

    Ha, didn't realise that anyone could sign up. It's a very clever idea, given the expense of chasing all owners. I wonder if there are any legal ramifications for signing up?
  24. Forests. Why people keep destroying them?!

    Sadly, as governments change, so do opinions.
  25. Green Bible sparks controversy in USA

    Sadly, regardless of religion or culture, it's the fanatics that cause issues for the rest of us. Dan