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  1. How to be green

    As I just said to Simon, it has been posted twice by error. Sorry for the convenience.
  2. How to be green

    Hi, I've made a movie talking about ecology, specially organic agriculture and gardening. If you wanna see it, it's available here : Direct link here :;media.type=1 It's a part of a contest, don't hesitate to forward the link if you liked it, and to send me come back on the subject.
  3. How to be green

    Hello, There is a movie called "how to be green" visible on the network theses days (as a part of a countest for young film directors). The contest is french, but the movie has been shot in New Zealand and all the parts in french are translated. If you wanna have a look and forward to any people who could be interested by this little video, here is the link : Direct link to the movie :;media.type=1 Thanks a lot by advance. Emmanuel Papin