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  1. Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes

    I also think that's very stupid. There's only a small difference between an controlled and an uncontrolled reaction and it would have to be monitored all the time. Plus there are far better ways to power 20k people say by mounting solar panels in the neighborhood.
  2. Mysterious mammal caught on film

    Are you kidding? We don't even have names for half of the animals on this planet. Given, most of them are insects, but yet animals. Each day hundreds of animals we've never seen before (and who might be able to produce stuff needed for medicine) die and are gone forever. Also as previously stated the oceans are the home of another world full of animals we have never seen because they live so deep under the water.
  3. Should I get a Mac?

    Just so you know: Macs are like +20% around here because of Sale Taxes (19% for Germany). PCs are, however, not much more expensive than over there. The MacBooks are around 1000 Euro and suck compared to some 600-700 Euro Laptop advertised by some local store. PCs ARE cheaper and there IS a reason why most people still use them. I've been using OS X before and it's a quite nice operating system. It's indeed innovative and easy to use (especially for beginners), but after all I didn't really come around the concept of the dock and the top menubar. Sure you get used to it and it's not bothering you much after a while, but surely slowed me down. Steam will run fine on Cross Over (wine) however.
  4. Live Messenger 2009 Beta

    Pidgin is indeed THE most awesome IM-Program I've ever used. It's got it all: Many different protocols (of which I'm only using Facebook, ICQ [pretty much the most popular one in Germany, so I wouldn't be able to avoid it even though it sucks], Jabber and MSN [which I don't really use anymore but just happen to have an account for]), plug-ins which allow to do a lot of stuff and it's not all about skins and looks. It's all about IMing. I've used Live Messenger back when I was on Windows and I've found it's much better than most proprietorial Programs (especially ICQ which is total crap), but I hate it to use too many apps for one purpose.
  5. Do animals deserve rights?

    I guess most people saw videos of animal slaughter/cruelty like this one a pro-vegetarian site.I think most people would agree that the shown techniques are neither natural nor appropriate. I've been quite interested in this matter lately and so I did some research and thinking and I personally came to the conclusion that there's no existing proof whatsoever that animals are capable of feeling emotions the way we humans feel them (reactions to (for example) pain are no proof as it's not only possible but most likely for (most) animals just a preprogrammed reactions which could even be simulated by a robot which does, as we all agree not "feel"). There is, however, no also proof to support this and we as humans don't know how or if animals feel. At least some of them (I'm thinking monkeys (of course as they are our ancestors), dolphins and maybe some more) might be very capable of thinking and feeling much like we humans can or they might be able to do it different but not necessarily wrong or less valuable. As for the moral matters I very much agree with this german article (translated via google, but not that good). If there is absolutely no pain or fear in the method used, it's acceptable for me. I personally don't like the process of killing in general, but it's a natural and most common thing in nature and thus not bad (if it's not done in massive slaughterhouses as this comes close to a prostitution of nature ). Regarding our society today I strongly feel that we lost all respect and appreciation for animal life and are killing for reasons I can't justify. In fact the only reason I can think of for killing is self preservation either to get food, to make clothing out of the skin/fur (i.e. to prevent freezing to death, not for fashion of course) or in defense when attacked. The first two reasons are, considering our technological improvements, not necessary anymore as we have developed materials and methods not only more effective but cheaper. Still humanity acts as if animal life is less valuable than human life even though our natural system is based on a symbiosis of life forms of different kinds yet we behave as if we are parasites, which can be very difficult for us as a race because our survival is based on how fast we can spread to new hosts, much like viruses. If the host is killed too fast the virus will go down with it and thus is not very effective, while slower viruses who keep the host alive for a longer time (e.g. AIDS/HIV) are more effective due to the long time span between infection and death (for the record: the AIDS virus itself doesn't kill but weaken the body to a point where there is no or little resistance towards other illnesses anymore). So if we really want to exploit nature we should keep it slow. Ok, got a bit off topic, but I'm interested in your opinions towards these matters. ;)
  6. The European Central Bank

    I'd say the language, but that's just personally as they made me learn it in school and I always kinda sucked in it. About Europe as a country: You guys did watch Zeitgeist right? There is in fact not that much to win by Europe becoming a country with the current countries becoming states. The lack of a general leadership however is hindering the abilities. Having more global decisions made like environmental questions made on a global platform is a good thing while declaring war as Europe in general probably isn't. This is pretty much everything which sucks in our current structure because the lack of leadership there are no punishments for countries resisting to become active in a specific topic (e.g. the Kyoto Protocol). Politics is like any other business, if there's not much profit in doing something and it coasts a lot of money people won't be doing it until they have to. Here in Germany for example they decided the Ozone pollution in cities is far to high and the set an ultimatum for cities to match the new regulations within a couple of years. As numerous cities failed however there were no punishments whatsoever, instead they just increased the allowed ozone level. It's sad how politics today is more or less not able to push stuff through or the lack of interest to to so in important topics.
  7. Post your desktop

    Gentoo w/ Linux 2.6.25 as Kernel and Xfce4 as WM. Actually there's a second X-Server running via TV-Out on my TV using the Green Blog Wallpaper.
  8. Nice to see you like BSG, it's an awsome show :)