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  1. Amazing GREEN city

    There's similar story about US's First Wind Energy Powered City...
  2. Post your desktop

    Don't get scared... I am a pretty busy guy!
  3. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice President ever

    I have problem with the above title... She's not the VP yet! :lol:
  4. Cigarettes kill our enviroment!!!

    Yap, maybe the article was from naturalnews or someone. Shall post the link soon. (as soon as I find it)
  5. Namaste !!!

    Namaste is like Hello in Hindi (hello in a bit more respectful manner)
  6. Which animal can live without water?

    Whoa.. thats some info.
  7. UN official says biofuels are a "crime against humanity"

    Whoa.... Thats a huge allegation! But then this is how media has constantly presented twisted things to us.... See below to know what the fellow actually said and then again read what is posted by the author...
  8. Race is on to Halt Brazilian Forest Loss by 2015

    ... and they have started accepting donations for their plans. If I remember well the amount they requested is something around $ 20 billion... How much can we collect from this forum :lol:
  9. oxo-biodegradable plastic bags and other items

    Banning plastics is not easy. Why don't we ban Coal fired power plants, nuclear plants, stop using those huge oil ships and loads of similar stuff. Answer is simple. Guess what? We don't the the alternative that's as much viable. Answer is jute bags. If you go for cotton bags again cotton prices are soaring and they would continue to do so if you start buying them. Jute is cheap and long lasting too. go for jute bags.
  10. Cigarettes kill our enviroment!!!

    I haven't read the entire thread but the first thing that comes to my mind when I read the word "Cigarette" is they contain Radioactive Polonium. Donno if you guys are aware of it. Shall post the link to the article soon.
  11. Namaste !!!

    Hello Guys, This is NG from India. This forum has some great articles and discussions. How to be part of them soon.