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  1. Hello all, Wanted to make you aware of a project me and my child recently completed. We build a solar generator at our house with parts we obtained from the local hardware store. It was made over a saturday and Sunday, and turened out very successfull. It was easy, safe, fast to install, and most of all, it is up , running and already paying for itself in power savings. I have a blog which I explain our project and how to obtain the plans so you too can be gridd-free and free from paying electric bills. The blog is located here: Please leave a note and let me know if you think the information is helpful ! Thanks. Mary
  2. Recently, I purchased a kit to convert my minivan to run on water for GAs. This was done through a hydrogen generator which I built from part from our neighborhood hardware store. Have any other folks on this board heard of this type of green technology? If anyone is interested in reading up further how this works and the details of what I did, you can check out my website/blog at Pleas leave a note at the bottom of the blog and let me know what you think. Thanks!