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  1. These all seem like really good ideas - just a little more difficult to implement. Does anyone use any of these at the moment?
  2. Green Blog Resource

    I think this blog is a great resource of other environmentally conscious blogs - I love the art of pooling ideas!
  3. Thought this was quite interesting from Forbes regarding fuel efficient vehicles... What do you think?
  4. 2010 Toyota Prius

    It seems Toyota has come up with some rad new features for the 2010 Prius. I think I would buy this car if it wasn't WAY out of my budget... Check it out
  5. Totally Random

    I had a chuckle at some of these totally random solar powered gadgets...
  6. Power Free Fridge

    I read this article today and felt I HAD to share it - it's about this girl who invented a fridge which didn't run on power but on evaporation... This invention is amazing and the impact it could have on 3rd world countries is more than what I want to discuss here. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  7. How to Hand Build and Earth Sheltered Home I'm sure I've posted on similar homes before, but this little house is just too cute - AND they show you how to make one of your own!! I really can't believe that they cost $5000, I guess you would have to own the land which it is built on and get all the correct plumbing etc which would cost a little more... I could totally see myself living in a little home like this...
  8. I read this blog post this morning from Aaron and although it is a bit of a rant I couldn't help laughing - he makes some very relevant points... "Screw these morons. What we need, Mr. Wagoner, is for people like you to shut the hell up and go home and leave us alone. Alternative energy and transportation is coming, but we don't need morons like you to help it get here. Take your Volt and shove it up your fat, corporate patooty." Read more: "Aaron's EnvironMental Corner: GM Wants to Bankrupt the Rest of Us Too" -
  9. I was reading a post of this title on the Peachy Green Blog and was wondering what everyone else's view on this was? I believe that although an eye-sore - if it means an alternative to using fossil fuels then go ahead... Here is the article:
  10. In my search for corporates who are doing what they can in terms of reducing their carbon footprint and implementing offsetting programs, I've been pleasantly surprised with Land Rover who have one of their manufacturing plants, running on wind turbines - reducing their annual emissions by the following: * 3,000 metric tonnes of CO2 * 67 metric tonnes of SO2 * 20 metric tonnes of NOx They are involved in various other projects too, check it out!
  11. Wind Powered Manufacturing Plant

    No I'm just a Landy Fanatic and I'm trying to justify my love for these gas guzzling, CO2 emitting machines by showing the good they do... A type of guilt-stroking I guess!
  12. I really liked this post from the Peachy Green blog. We have all seen lists similar to this floating around, but it's always good to refresh the memory and take another look at what you are doing to make sure you aren't being wasteful.
  13. Corporates Who Get It Right!

    I read this article the other day about Baxi (they are a UK based company specializing in Environmentally friendly boilers and heating systems) who offered to install all the heating and plumbing in the house of a soldier who was injured in Afghanistan. If only more companies would follow in Baxi's footsteps we would see real community upliftment, especially companies who are at the forefront of new, environmentally friendly technology.
  14. Green Home Giveaway

    Can you believe it, a chance to win an eco-friendly home??? With the economy as it is at the moment, I'm sure loads of people would be interested in this opportunity. The home of course is in Florida (so for those of you not in the USA this might pose as a bit of a problem). The competition runs from April 17th to June 5th - anyone interested??
  15. Light Electric Vehicle Advisor

    Yesterday I was sent a link to this site, it's new apparently and does reviews on various forms of electric transport. I really liked the design of the site, very simple and easy to use. I'm sharing this because I think it is important considering all the new technology and all these new products out there, that there is a space for reviewing and discussing the different options. I for one would probably go straight to a site like this if I were to consider an alternative mode of transport. Let me know what you think.
  16. Amazing Spanish Energy Saving Innovation

    I believe this alternative drying method is used in South Africa too although in some parts if you don't then iron your clothes, small fly larvae which were hatched in the fabric, burrow into your skin where they feast on your living flesh - hatching out as fully grown worms... Sounds like a sci-fi movie (and isn't so bad) but you need to know the pro's and con's to these things... Personally I use the "washing line" inside my house except I substitute the line for a specially made device which is made from wood or metal (depending on which model you go with), this combats the problem of freezing and wind-blown laundry although watching someone dash across a field trying to catch a wind swept pair of knickers is still a favourite past time of mine.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised although survival of the fittest comes to mind...
  18. What a great campaign!!
  19. I came across this today, a three-wheeled "car" which tilts like a motorbike - I'm not convinced that this is all together safe...
  20. This in-house compost bin would make a fantastic Christmas gift for those who care enough about the environment. I haven't tried it out myself, has anyone else. Does it smell?
  21. Wins for 2008

    Here are some of the things which went in favour of the environment this year... Lets hope this list is doubled for 2009!
  22. Hi

    Welcome!!! Boston is an amazing city, hope you take advantage of the snow!!
  23. Recycle Website

    Came across this website which shows you how to recycle in different areas of your life. Quite practical
  24. Solar Panels on graves - I guess it saves space... What do you think?
  25. A Green Christmas

    Just in time for the festive season, a list of things we can do to help save energy during the holidays!!