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  1. Cool Earth Solar

    While the politicians spew out their rhetoric about "clean coal" and promoting backward ideas like "drill baby drill", a privately held company in California is actually DOING something about the energy crisis. I just came across this article today and thought I'd share it with you.... Cool Earth Solar Set to Open Prototype Plant and Change the Shape of Solar Power This is one of the first truly innovative ideas I've come across in a long time. It's exciting that there are companies out there like this one who are dedicated to solving the world's energy issues, instead of just talking about it. I also browsed Cool Earth Solar's website and came up with a couple of interesting bits of information: Just how much electricity does the world use? Electric power plants produced 17,320 terawatt-hours (TWh) in 2005. In 2030, the world is projected to need about 33,264 TWh—nearly double the amount of 2005. (Source: 2008 EIA International Energy Outlook Report.) How much energy does the Sun provide? The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth's surface in one hour is enough to power the entire world for a year. How many solar power plants would the U.S. need to meet its electric needs? One solar power plant, using Cool Earth's technology, covering 150 miles by 150 miles, would generate enough power to meet all the electrical needs of the United States through 2030. Cool Idea B)
  2. 10 signs you have gone way to green

    LOL, I've actually done this.... Lori Robinson www.ourgreenearthproducts.com
  3. Americans must diet to save their economy

    While it makes sense that if Americans were to reduce their caloric intake or go vegetarian it would benefit the environment, I don't believe many of them are going to go on a diet simply for that reason. Most people who make the decision to lose weight are going to do it for their own health and well-being, not to save the environment. Many of us want to eat healthier, weight less, exercise more, etc... But it takes work and a rock-solid reason to get out there every day, and unless you have that burning desire or something personal that motivates you to get off the couch or get out the door to exercise anyway - it's not going to happen. I agree with kclive18 - we need to focus more on local food sources....unfortunately EcoNrgized is also right in that the large supermarket franchises and chain restaurants are very much to blame for shipping ingredients and produce from all over the globe in order to provide us with the varieties of food that we've become accustomed to. L Robinson OurGreenEarthProducts.com
  4. Amazing GREEN city

    I've been to Idaho Falls a few times and never realized it was green. Of course that was before I went green myself so I have to admit I was simply oblivious. The next time I visit I will definately have a different perspective and will spend some time talking to some of the residents about their city's green efforts. It is a beautiful city though, with the falls running through the middle of the downtown district.... I agree that more of our cities need to make a push to be energy efficient and to incorporate a green way of thinking in the daily lives of their residents. It seems that most of the decision-makers in these cities are either too pre-occupied with other issues, or they think that it would be too expensive to change to a completely different energy system, when in actuality it would save them more money in the long run. www.OurGreenEarthProducts.com
  5. Hi Everyone

    Hi! I'm looking forward to sharing ideas with all of you and learning more myself in the process. I recently made the decision to make less of an impact on our environment and am teaching my children to do the same. I have created a website which offers earth-friendly products and energy-saving tips and suggestions. I'm hoping that through my website and the products I offer, I can help people realize the importance and the benefit of doing their part to conserve energy and protect our natural resources. Lori Robinson Website: www.OurGreenEarthProducts.com e-Mail: info@ourgreenearthproducts.com