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  1. The Population Problem

    In 1860, the world's population stood at 1.5 billion. In 1960, it stood at 3 billion. Today, there are 7 billion people in the world. By 2060, there shall be 10 billion. Each week, the world's population increases by 1.5 million. And we wonder why the earth is becoming a dirtier place! This explosive growth creates a real problem. How can we possibly reduce our emissions when we need to provide energy, food, clothing and transport for so many additional people? You care about the environment and have taken some modest steps to reduce your energy consumption, and maybe you've even managed to go completely off-grid. Great! But will your actions really make that much difference when there are an additional 1.5 million people coming onto the grid each week? Do the math here. To keep energy consumption at today's levels, we'll each need to be using a third less by 2060. Could you use a third less electricity than you do now? Could you use a third less gas/petrol? And we need to reduce our energy consumption, not simply cap it at today's levels. The option of using renewable energy provides some light at the end of the tunnel - but, unfortunately, it's an extremely long tunnel. How many years do you think it will be before we can build the infrastructures that will enable us to transition to renewable energy? In developing countries, the process will be even slower - they simply do not have the money to spend on the necessary "upgrades". And can we even produce enough energy from renewable sources to support the needs of 10 billion people? Then there's the problem of 78 million extra cars going onto the roads each year and the fact that, come 2060, we'll need 50% more cars, trains and planes and be producing 50% more garbage. In short, unless we do something major soon, the baby steps that we have so far taken towards reducing our environmental footprints will count for nothing and our planet will be set to become a dirty and overpopulated cesspit which will, if the scientists are correct, be considerably warmer than it is today. So, questions: 1. Why does the population problem get so little attention from the green movement? 2. What do you think we should do? Do you think that we should sit back, cross our fingers and hope that our governments get to grip with problem and that there are some major technological advances? Do you think that we should reduce the population by exterminating the Americans and the French? Or do you think we should ... ?
  2. Abortions

    ... or choose not to be a father. Do you think that he should be able to elect to not be the father of Greta's child in the eyes of the law?
  3. Abortions

    Greta could also die if she decided to have the baby (in fact, an abortion is probably safer than pregnancy), but that's really not the point. Greta can choose whether to be a mother; shouldn't Simon be able to choose whether to be a father? I'm not suggesting that Simon should be able to force Greta into having an abortion - simply that he be able to opt out of being the child's father in the eyes of the law.
  4. Abstinence Education Test (picture)

    What is "abstinence" anyway? Isn't it something that makes the heart grow fonder? Or some form of anise-flavored liquor?
  5. Whoops! I misread! So, Dot Eco LLC will be shelling out for the gTLD and then donating a portion (not all!) of the profits it receives from licensing ECO domains. Still not worthwhile or in the least bit green, IMO!
  6. What's the best TV show of the decade 2000-09?

    I've only ever watched one of those shows: The Office (the British version; not the dumbed-down version aimed at Americans).
  7. Penn & Teller call Bullshit on organics

    I suspect that the answer is rather complex and may vary according to the materials in question and the area in which you live. But, whatever, whether recycling is better for the environment than not recycling, it's certainly not as energy-efficient as it could be (do you now you many empty pop bottles get shipped all the way to China?). And, as Simon mentioned paper, here's something else to chew on.
  8. Abortions

    But should you? If women have the right to opt out of motherhood, why shouldn't men have the right to opt out of fatherhood?
  9. Penn & Teller call Bullshit on organics

    People take Penn/Teller seriously? Really? Does the US not have any real investigative journalists?
  10. Abortions

    So, do you think that men should be able to opt out of parenthood too? Let's say that Simon was to spend a couple of hours with a "lady of the night" who was to subsequently become pregnant. Because Simon is exceptionally wealthy, the hoochie momma sees him as a good meal ticket and, against his wishes, decides to have the baby. Is it right that, in such circumstances, Simon would have to be Dad (legally, anyway) and liable for 16+ years of child support? If women can opt of motherhood, should men not be able to opt out of fatherhood?
  11. London to plant 2 million trees by 2025, says mayor's office

    You think? I've never noticed. That said, London is the biggest European city by far, so it does makes sense.
  12. A Swedish couple in search of the isle of Capri drove to Carpi, an industrial town in northern Italy, because they misspelt the name in their car's GPS.
  13. Drive Smart – Gas Saving Alternatives

    I've always thought that tubbies should be made to pay a premium for public transportation. I mean, if I have to pay extra to get my excess baggage onto a flight, why shouldn't they?
  14. Either divert some of the energy produced into cooling (which, of course, would make the plants less efficient) or site them in locations where heat would not be an issue. Somewhere like Sweden, maybe :-)
  15. From another post: "The population is growing at a rate of 1.5 million per week. To put that number in perspective, in order to house all those people in a single place you'd need to build a city the size of Phoenix each and every week, or a city the size of New York every 5 weeks. Before the end of next month, the world's population will have increased by more than the current population of Sweden. Before the end of the year, it will have increased by more than the current population of the UK. Before the end of 2013, it will have increased by more than the current population of the US." >>The West is responsible for about 80% of the worlds CO2 increase. An average person living in Great Britain will in only 11 days emit as much CO2 as an average person in Bangladesh will during a whole year. And just a single power plant in West Yorkshire in Great Britain will produce more CO2 every year than all the 139 million people combined living in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique.<< But these are (rapidly) developing countries and it would a mistake to assume that their emissions will not increase substantially over the coming years. Population increase in undoubtedly one of the most serious challenges - possibly the most serious challenge - facing the planet.
  16. That's simply a matter of design.
  17. World Peace, is it possible?

    Possible? Yup. Probable? Nope!
  18. Try and protect your computer.

    IME, the chances of a security app causing problems are greater than the risk of my unprotected system being compromised.
  19. The Pirate Bay has been sold!

    No doubt the proceeds of the sale will help the founders pay their 30 million SEK fine!
  20. despises micro-blogging

  21. Music Videos (2)

    Start a poll!
  22. Try and protect your computer.

    I just use Windows. No AV. No security apps at all, in fact. No problem ;-)
  23. Music Videos (2)

    Hmmm. The lead singer looks suspiciously like Simon ...