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  1. Google Plus

    I've been slowly transitioning over to Google + from Facebook. I like the circles feature that really lets me control what I share with who. Facebook is a tough habit to break though, and I've been using it for years. I'm waiting to see if Google + picks up the users that are projected, as well as whether it offers the games that allure so many Facebook users.
  2. What are your favorite foods?

    I love a wide variety of foods,particularly vegetables. A family favorite is steamed broccoli, and my kids really don't understand why their friends don't like it. We also enjoy lean meats; chicken breast, steak, lamb... I even managed to turn my kids onto venison and rabbit. :)
  3. Green Songs

    Anything by Earth Mama, especially Downstream and For Alex (A Little Gentler). I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Earth Mama at an In Praise of Mountain Women gathering a few years ago, and her music is phenomenal. She emceed the talent show that year, which was a lot of fun. :)
  4. Howdy :)

    I'm new here, both to this forum and to Knoxville, TN. When we moved here we were delighted to learn that our new city has green building initiatives in place, and has begun a curbside recycling program. Not to mention better streets for bicycling. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here! -Win
  5. Howdy :)

    Hi, I'm Winnie, a 38 year old wife, bio mom, bonus mom, student, artist, telecommuter, and a lifelong activist. I'm earning an AS in graphic design, which I am planning to take further and get a degree in green architecture and interior design. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here. -Win