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  1. NASA finds signs of flowing water on Mars

    We can live there. We could live on multiple planets if we had the will and the way. Having a source of water on the planets we go to will eliminate having to carry it with us. In addition, the simple existence of possible potable water sources in other places in the universe give us a better indication of the possibilities of life elsewhere.
  2. What is the true cost of gasoline?

    I did my own research a while back. This is the information I compiled. 600,000,000 Passenger Cars Worldwide 206,000,000 Light Trucks Average Passenger Car Per Year Global Average 77.1 pounds hydrocarbons 23,130,000 tons 575 pounds carbon monoxide 172,500,000 tons 83.2 pounds oxides of nitrogen 24,960,000 tons 11,450 pounds carbon dioxide 3,435,000,000 tons Average Light Truck Global Average 108 pounds hydrocarbons 11,124,000 tons 854 pounds carbon monoxide 87,962,000 tons 55.8 oxides of nitrogen 5,747,400 tons 16,035 pounds of carbon dioxide 1,651,605,000 tons Tons Hydrocarbons = 34,254,000 Tons Carbon Monoxide = 260,462,000 Tons Oxides of Nitrogen = 30,707,400 Tons Carbon Dioxide = 5,086,605,000 References Number Automobiles and Light Trucks - Emmision Facts Automobiles and Light Trucks - Calculations for Total Annual Pollution Emitted and Fuel Consumed are based on an average annual passenger car mileage of 12,500 miles and an average annual light truck mileage of 14,000 miles. Fuel consumption is based on fleetwide average in-use fuel economy of 21.5 miles per gallon (mpg) for passenger cars and 17.2 mpg for light trucks. This data does not reflect diesel engines, airplanes, shipping but only these two vehicle types.
  3. Al Gore quote

    I think the environmental movement as a whole should get as far away from Al Gore as possible. His numerous violations of environmental ideals and the errors in his movie/book have provided a lot of ammo for the denialist. As I tell people in other forums, Al Gore didn't create environmentalism. He is a politician and I don't let him determine the realities of the situation. I don't look to any politician. I look to scientist.
  4. Heya From Dee

    Good Day Everyone, My name is Dee. I am currently an engineering student and a writer for about Green Activism in Knoxville, TN. I spend a lot of time writing about environmental issues in various forums and I look forward to talking here as well. Dee