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    So about this whole global warming thing. I'm not sold on it. Sure the earth may or may not be running a little bit warmer than it was previously. The reasons for that have to do with a lot of things. For one, the earth heats up and cools off in cycles, much like a vagina. The same goes for the tornadoes, hurricanes, and "el nino". Everybody says there's more than there used to be and they're worse. No, they're not. History shows us that heavy hurricane seasons come and go. New Orleans got flooded because they're living at the river mostly below sea level. It was bound to happen. So what if global warming occurs! The earth's changes will be exciting. Different plants in different areas. Shorter winters, I know I could do without the cold. Repopulation of the deserts. Many many more. So if it is real, it's not really all that bad.
  2. Global Warming "Speed Bump"

    Uhhhhhh....the sun is the biggest contributor to our climate. That statement is absolutely wrong.
  3. yard upkeep

    One of these sweet babies takes care of my lawn. As a bonus....when all of his lawnmowing power is used up, my fridge will be full and he's inexpensive to replace!
  4. Had vegetables looked more like that when I was a kid, I probably wouldn't eat as many mad cows as I do today! Seriously, those plantimals are SWEET!!! :crazyhappy:
  5. Bush done more?

    While I don't disagree that Bush hasn't done much for the environment......I'll go ahead and say that Al Gore's hurt the environment more than help overall by blatantly lying or making assumptions where he shouldn't.
  6. Meet Jerry and Ken

    I'd say Tom and Jerry are pretty safe. If there's one thing our govt. can't do, it's cut back on spending.
  7. International Fuel Strike!!

    If a lot of people actually listen to you....A lot of vehicles will be out of commission completely by the time, if ever, the goal is reached. A lot of jobs will be lost. A lot of man hours will be lost as a total for the US. The economy will be even deeper in the crapper. The dollar drop like a mexican's pants after he wins the burrito eating contest.
  8. 12 steps on how to be an activist

    Uhh....NO. It's not.