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  1. Ways you conserve water

    I definitely do not use the hose when washing my car. That's a lot of water wasted so I stick to using pale and dipper. And yes little things like brushing my teeth by using a glass of water would actually help as well. If all of us are doing that then water would be conserved.
  2. Which is the real problem: Overconsumption or overpopulation?

    For me, overpopulation comes first then followed by overconsumption. The latter won't be experienced if it's not overpopulated. We experience shortage when it's overpopulated so the demand gets high but the sources gets low. So it goes hand in hand, hence; both of these are real problems. It's like a domino affect.
  3. The Population Problem

    This is where the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill comes in. If people are educated well on dealing with conception, I don't think we'd have a problem with population which could lead to poverty and other related chaotic problems. Teach them to be responsible and eventually, this will be sorted out. This is just my 2 cents.
  4. Favorite Artists of 2013

    Deadmau5 is a beast! I love his music especially his unique beats! For me I would go for Florrie! She's an independent artist from the UK who is now making her name in the industry. I love artists who fund themselves.