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  1. The Jungle

    Green Maui Guide is located in the Jungles of Maui, I want to ask you to stop by and check out whats going on green in Hawaii! is the address so please go green and visit us today we are non-profit org to get people to be green and become green-informed. Thanks GMG
  2. Green Grocery Shopping

    GMG again to tell ya about how to be green in your daily live find out more at our new website for Green info about Hawaii and being evironmentally responsible in our daily lives. Thanks Green Guide Maui
  3. Green Grocery Shopping Join our Forum Today! Hello Maui Green Guide readers, IT GMG back again to tell you about how to shop green when visiting the grocery store. The easiest way to go green when shopping is to read the labels and see whats inside the products as well and the types of packaging and manufacturer of the product. Knowing these things will help you make an informed decision about who your giving your money to and for what substances and packaging the product is in. These facts can help you understand what processes are required to produce the goods your buying and to whom your money is going to which gives a idea of which people are green contributers and which companies are not by knowing your product manufacturers. The ingredients will help understand the processes envolved with producing your product to help realize if they are more or less green in the production of their products your considering purchasing. These tips can help you make well informed decisions about who and where to spend your money in a green direction and don't forget your cloth shopping bags! Remeber knbowledge is power! Thanks Green Guide for Maui
  4. Diesel Fuel vs Gasoline

    Hello Bloggers, I feel that electric is the way to go its was first invented in 1836 in Scotland as the first form of automobile and so its come full circle being any type of burninng is primitive and dated for our world's demand and need for energy. There are articles about EV conversion kits for every car out there and at about 5k a kit thats sweet no gas forever and when batteries get better then 300+ miles will be reality! come by and read about it. Green Maui Guide This is Green Maui Guide back again this week to tell you about our website and ask people to please come visit our site for more information about green and ways to be environmentally responsible in your daily living practices. You can also myspace us at our myspace page for further info or just to be our friend, thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you in our forums posting great topics for us to learn about! Thanks
  5. Maui Green Guide saying thanks for those who have stopped by to check u out and we appreciate you support and interests please join our forum and start a thread about anything green! Thanks Green Maui
  6. Maui Green Guide

    Thanks for reading my forum, this is an organization that is powered by Maui College students to educate and provide green services and information about being green. We are happy to invite you to our recently created website to join our blog we have or just to stop by and check it out! Thanks Visit My Website
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