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  1. EU to cut out 'ugly fruit' rules

    Don't the ugly one's get used in processed foods?
  2. My job finally did something green!

    So how ugly will the planet look when all those plastic bags are floating around contaminating everything and suffocating wildlife? That's great You Co. has started those things. I always wondered about why peeps don't recycle shredded paper. I think all paper products should be made from recycled paper.
  3. When you ride alone

    Those are some great posters. Some seem a little off toward the end there. And I guess supporting the war isn't people's first priority these days. But they great posters. I would love to see promotions like that these days.
  4. Little secrets to save our Earth...

    You are so right Tris. but I hate the idea of spending either more or the same amount on used stuff as I would on new stuff. it's freaking used. I was looking for a phone at the goodwill and for a cheap plug in it was $5. I can go to Walmart and get a new one for that. ( Not that I would).
  5. found something interesting

    Ooooh, spam. To bad I'm vegetarian.
  6. I gottcha you brussel loving.... Tag your it.

  7. Do animals deserve rights?

    How we treat animals and our environment is more about who we are than what they are. If we torture animals and rape our planet that just shows what kind of people we are. I have a hard time with the idea that a killer or rapist has higher value than a contributing member of a functional ecosystem.
  8. Little secrets to save our Earth...

    That's a lot of oil being disposed of. If you check your oil weekly and only change it when it's dirty you will do more for the environment than just changing it regularly . It may not need changing.
  9. When did you turn into a cute little Asian girl?

  10. This is how the US police treats bicyclists

    My friend in Denver got pulled over on his bike and was told it would take points off of his drivers license. Seriously people. WTF?
  11. Great pics. According to the book "The Omnivores Dilemma" as one that lives in the U.S I am corn. If we are what we eat of course. I will have the corn with a side of corn and for desert, corn. It's in every freaking thing at the store it seems.
  12. Forests. Why people keep destroying them?!

    I think the forests are being destroyed (as well as the deserts where I live) so that people can build more and more tacky houses in HOA's that are built out of particle board. Along with them we need strip malls (what a name huh) so that people don't have to travel very far to buy pretty shinys that even further destroy our planet.
  13. Picture yourself! :)

    This is me. I have been here for a while but have a hard time following some things. I have lots to learn but really want to live greener and encourage others to do the same.
  14. Solar Power As Alternative Fuel

    I was disappointed. I was under the impression you were going to tell us how you did it so that we could also do that at home. Instead I just got a link to a site where i was prompted to purchase a book about how to do it. I don't like to buy books for instructions when I don't know if they are useful or not.
  15. Will we eat laboratory-grown meat in the future?

    In the future we will be eating Soylant Green. HA HA
  16. Eco-friendly pesticide?

    They are called ladybugs. Also the preying mantis is supposed to be great as well as lizards.
  17. Where to find local composts?

    Worst case dig a big hole and chuck em in. Can the kids bring reusable water bottles or cups?
  18. Buying Local in a Recession

    I shop the farmers markets. There is a farm very close to my house but I just don't really like them. They are rude and I don't know how they grow their crops. I prefer to go to the farmers market where I can choose from different growers, even organic farmers. We spend so much money on toys and T.V's and cars and crap yet we are cheap when it comes to food. People will buy cheap, processed junk from Walmart then buy a big screen plasma with tivo. At least in the States. I choose to feed my family well. More people are starting to plant gardens and even raise chickens. I love my chickens. I am not rural. I live in a house with a yard. I hear the chicken raising is becoming big in Europe as well.