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  1. Go green is becoming a high priority for many people & their homes. So I decided to do some research of my own. With pen & paper in hand I recently visited a local super store & checked the label on some of these so called "green" products. I wrote down ingredients I wasn't sure about & went home & looked them up on preventcancer.com. Many of these ingredients were still considered carsinogens. This new wave of green products that are supposed to be safer for our homes & environment simply contain a lower dose of the carsinogens we are trying to eliminate. Thats not good enough for me. No matter what the percentage is of a potential hazard, it is still there. Think about it, these products sit in a wherehouse until they are shipped to stores. Once these items reach the store they sit waiting to be stocked then purchased. So there has to be some type of preservetive so they maintain there vescosity until used in our homes. The # 1 preservative is formaldehyde. This causes cancer & a whole string of other health issues. Many people say it causes most of our childhood illnesses (autism, asthma, skin rashes, etc.). So I suggest you all do as I did & research for the sake of your families. Lets all find a safer way to "GoGreen". Please check out www.gogreenwebcast.com/LiveGreat or www.betterhealthinfo.net/LiveGreat