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  1. Effects of Global Warming

    i know for sure that global worming is real and one effect is that where i'm from we used to have 4 seasons now we only have 2. :(
  2. Google Plus

    everybody is talking about google + i must be the only one who is not having an account. :)
  3. Hello!

    hello and welcome crash - cheetah.
  4. Zoos?

    yes i totally agree with them, it's sad that almost all my zoos has been closed due to lack of founds. i belive that kids in 50 years will see animals only on tv which is sad
  5. How are you today?

    i am really bored and i have a fever i think i got a cold it's a long day today :(
  6. What's your occupation?

    i'm a full time student but i do my work as an online freelancer. sometimes i earn big sometimes i don't but what can you do?
  7. Hello Everybody! :)

    hello and welcome aimend hope you have fun and find useful tips on green blog.
  8. What is the true cost of gasoline?

    as someone said before useless wars, but it's going to end sometimes in 50 years and we'll be safer .
  9. Hello

    hello guardian, nice to see you, hope you have fun and fine more ways to help and protect mother Earth.
  10. Soapnuts nature's detergent

    Soapnuts, or soap berries, have been used as a natural detergent for centuries.Soap nuts are a small yellow-brown fruit around just under a half to just over three-quarters an inch in diameter; containing a black seed.The shells contain a substance called saponin, usually present in quantities of around 10-15%. Saponin dissolves in water to form suds and can dissolve fats and oils and help to lift grime. Soapnuts are also suitable for use in greywater and blackwater recycling systems.
  11. Cost of Solar Panels

    as much as i like to belive that someday we'll all use solar energy all alone, i don't think it's going to happen, today it's just not good enough and it's so expensive maybe in the future but way forward.
  12. How do you conserve energy?

    you can conserve energy just by being a little careful, i do it myself, turn all the lights off, always put my pc to sleep when i leave, i don't iron my clothes )
  13. Lithuanian Mayor crushes illegally parked car with tank

    you know before you go around and crush cars parked illegally you should go ahead and build some parking spaces, it's like in my city, you get a huge fine for parking illegally but in a city with 1,5 million cars there are only 300.000 parking spaces. Now what the hell is that.
  14. Why others do not believe in global warming?

    i don't know why people do not belive global warming exists, i live in a country which used to have 4seasons now we only have 2 how is that not global warming and pretty soon we'll have summer all around. too bad i love winter and for 3 years ti hasn't really snowed. :(
  15. Which is the real problem: Overconsumption or overpopulation?

    i think the real problem is over population, the more we are the more we consume, the food is running low, and we just keep extending our cities in to the wild killing everything, maybe is evolution or maybe is just stupid we'll find out in 500years or so.