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  1. Hello! I removed your signature because the image wasn't loading anymore and it was slowing down some pages. I hope you don't mind.

  2. Steve Jobs

    I'm so freaking tired of seeing his name, I honestly laugh now when I see his name and heard about his death. This guy was not a good man, but he did the way certain things are looked at. Pisses me off that real issues are going on and people are making days for Steve Jobs... smh @ this damn world >:|
  3. We need more activity

    Indeed, I haven't been as active because of college and such, plus picked up some side gigs on the web.
  4. We need more activity

    We need to get more people here, anyone got ideas?
  5. What are the worlds problems?

    The federal reserve is responsible for the screwed up monetary system.
  6. I am looking for a new laptop - please help!

    I hear you on the poor student status lol.. Well I would suggest not getting a 17inch, I did and it was a back sore carrying it around everywhere! I ended getting a new smaller one, but spec wise better than my old one. It is a 15inch and suits my back pretty well. Check out Amazon, what would help us to help you more is if you let us know what specs you are looking for and battery life and such.. More information, more resources ;)
  7. Your form of entertainment

    So, whether you are at home or not, what do you do for entertainment? For the most part I play games on my PC lol, go outside and run/bike/play ball and build circuits. What about y'all, any odd or whatever games you made up??
  8. New recipes?

    Great share thank you!
  9. Soapnuts nature's detergent

    I have never heard of this before, might have to give it a shot. I typically use liquid detergent, so my clothes won't fade.
  10. How do you conserve energy?

    Are you referring to power strips??
  11. Do you use bicycle?

    That's why I make sure I don't run out of groceries all at once, I typically ride my bike to the store and go shopping getting just the little I need at times.
  12. Zoos?

    I believe in Zoos and they are a real great learning experience! Most of the animals were saved from dying and placed in Zoos for recovery. We have a non-profit Zoo here and it does a lot for the animals and community!
  13. Favorite animal

    I'm down to wipe out mosquitoes and flies from the Earth lol.. My favorites animal would have to be a sea turtle :D
  14. What are the worlds problems?

    Religion is a main root of a lot issues IMO, you look at how they truly pass the message through other countries/towns/cities/tribes and it's horrid and sad. Evil comes in all shapes and forms
  15. How do you get to where your going?

    Walk, Bike and Bus for longer distances. Oh and occasionally get a ride from a friend or something.