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  1. A recent study confirms what we’ve been suspecting all along about the upper-class. The rich elite is more prone to lie, cheat and engage in other forms of “unethical behavior” than the rest of us. The authors of the study have come to the conclusion that “upper-class individuals behave more unethically than lower-class individuals”, much due to their lax attitudes towards greed. Here’s the abstract:

    “Seven studies using experimental and naturalistic methods reveal that upper-class individuals behave more unethically than lower-class individuals. In studies 1 and 2, upper-class individuals were more likely to break the law while driving, relative to lower-class individuals. In follow-up laboratory studies, upper-class individuals were more likely to exhibit unethical decision-making tendencies (study 3), take valued goods from others (study 4), lie in a negotiation (study 5), cheat to increase their chances of winning a prize (study 6), and endorse unethical behavior at work (study 7) than were lower-class individuals. Mediator and moderator data demonstrated that upper-class individuals’ unethical tendencies are accounted for, in part, by their more favorable attitudes toward greed.”

    Full text: Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior

    And this older study from 2009, by the economic think-tank NEF, is somewhat related I believe. The study shows that cleaners are more valuable to our society than bankers.

  2. Thomas Edison on renewable energy:

    "We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Nature's inexhaustible sources of energy — sun, wind and tide. ... I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that."

    The quote can be found on Wikiquote.

  3. In the last place I lived, we actually didn't have a lot of sidewalks either, so bikers were always in the lanes of traffic. It was more of a nuisance to drivers than pedestrians, but we didn't have enough bikers to warrant a full set of lanes either.

    And you won't get more people cycling without offering them safe and proper infrastructure! :rolleyes:

  4. Ah yes, Copenhagen is a wonderful city! The cycling infrastructure and the huge amount of bicyclists always amazes me each time I am there.

    Another city, not far from Copenhagen, where bicycles also dominate the street view is Lund, a Swedish university-city.

    "The Politics Show East has been to a town in Sweden where 60 per cent of people leave their car at home. In the town of Lund the majority of the population use bicycles and public transport."

  5. I also agree that bigger does not mean better. It would make more sense that the amount of material they used to make one of these would be better used making a lot of smaller ones to generate more energy. I agree with the idea of less maintenance, but if this one breaks then there is more of a loss of material/production compared to a smaller one being broken.

    Just because the windmills are smaller doesn't mean that they will require less material to construct. If you were to compare between one of these huge windmills and another smaller one, then sure. But you have to consider that these massive windmills will generate much more electricity than a smaller one, so it makes sense to build them bigger.

    And this is especially true when it comes to offshore windfarms where it will be cheaper to build a few large ones instead of many smaller windmills. Just imagine the costs and work involved to place 50 wind turbines out in the sea when you would, with the bigger wind turbine design, only need to construct and place about 25.

  6. Does anyone know what the "(EJ) Minority Share" in the report means?

    I really expected BP to be a lot higher up than that! Especially with all the oil spills.. This is a really interesting list and thank you for sharing it with us. So are these people also the mostly highly taxed? What is being done to help convert these polluters?

    They are not that far down the list! ;)

    And this list is only about air pollution. So you cannot see the pollution from the BP/Deepwater oil well explosion in the Gulf of Mexico on this list.

  7. It takes a lot of energy to power and maintain servers for a web host. So therefore one of the more important things you as a blogger or webmaster can do is to choose a green web host.

    With green web hosts I mean hosting companies that power their servers with renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Some of these green web hosts generate their own energy via renewable energy sources. These webhosts generally cost a bit more than other web hosts, like Hostgator here, who only offers carbon offsetting.

  8. I think that Assange is talking shit about the real reasons for avoiding the Swedish justice system. He has shown repeatedly that he is a completely different man than the heroic freedom fighter he has pretended to be. Instead he's turned out to be a coward, and probably also a rapist.

  9. I'm not sure building turbines of this size is a good idea for off-shore locations, though.

    Well, because offshore wind projects are quite expensive it makes sense to build a fewer big wind turbines instead many small ones. And like everything else, these wind turbines require maintanance, but its easier to maintain a few large wind turbines instead of many smaller ones.

  10. It is sad that the orice of organics are so high. Its not that the desire is lacking for such products its the ability to afford them for many people.

    Where I live the price differences aren't that big for most products. But sure, when I can get 2 kg of rice for the same price as 1kg (or even less) rice I tend to go with the cheaper option.

    The more people who buy organics the cheaper it'll get!

  11. I dont have a yard but I have tomatoes, herbs, peppers and a few others in pots and window boxes. You dont need a huge yard to grow just a sunny patio or window!

    Now that's pretty cool. But do you get any meaningful amounts of tomatoes and herbs from that - or do you have them more because it looks nice?

    Also, photos would be nice. ;)

  12. Welcome to our community and thank you for registering! Hopefully you will have a great time here discussing and meeting new people.

    What kind of topics can I discuss here?

    This community is a place to talk about the climate and how it's changing our planet and affecting our lives. But anthropogenic global warming means so much more than just climate science, graphs, and climatology. It's about mitigation and adaptation strategies. It's about energy issues such as fossil fuels and renewable energy. It's about local, national and international politics as well as religion and activism. It's about wildlife and biodiversity. It's about sustainable architecture and design. It's about organic gardening as well as large scale agriculture and GMO farming. It's about transportation, cars, bicycles, and other forms of public transportation. It's about living your life as sustainable and green as possible.

    Because climate change is so deeply integrated in our daily life and society it represents an unprecedented difficult problem. To solve climate change we can't just switch to clean and renewable energy (something that is hard enough on its own). We also need to fundamentally change our societies from the ground up. Hopefully this community can help change minds and start discussions and conversations about the challenges we are all facing.

    Do I need to follow any special rules?

    Yes and this is pretty important, so please take a moment to read our forum usage guidelines. They are posted here as a general reminder in an effort to keep the forums friendly and usable for everyone. Don't worry, it's not a long list of rules that you must remember at all times. In fact they are pretty simple and they basically come down to this: Respect others and you will be treated with respect. Be rude and disrespectful, and you'll not find much help here.

    If you think someone is breaking any of our guidelines, or behaves in a rude and disrespectful way, please contact one of our moderators or report the offending post.

    I don't know how this forum works and I could use some help :unsure:

    Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to understand how all parts of the forum work. Most general questions about the various features this forum has to offer can be explained by reading through our Help files. If you've just registered and signed in to our community for the first time it could be a good idea to read our easy and quick guide. If you're still having problems just contact me or one of the moderators.

    I need to contact a site administrator about something very important!

    You can contact us using this email: You can also send me or one of the mods a private message.

  13. So it's official, Ecuador will grant Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange asylum in the country.

    "Ecuador has granted asylum to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange two months after he took refuge in its London embassy while fighting extradition from the UK," BBC reports.

    So what do you think all this means for circus Assange? Will he get extradited to Sweden for questioning over allegations of serious sexual assaults or will he be able to slip away to Ecuador?

    The UK foreign secretary, William Hague, says Assange will not be allowed to leave country. "We will not allow Mr Assange safe passage out of the United Kingdom, nor is there any legal basis for us to do so," Hague said, writes the Guardian.

    Personally I am very dissapointed with Assange's actions lately. But I would love to hear your thoughts about it all.

    Oh and I think this photo is rather fitting for this whole circus:

  14. Is there anyone else here that use Google+ with Firefox? For me Google+ has been running extremely slow, especially when you are browsing through your stream, on Firefox lately. It works just fine on Chrome which makes me a bit suspicious actually. Is the Google team deliberately trying to make their services, such as Google+, worse for non-Chrome users in an effort to drive more of its web visitors towards their own browser? It sounds silly, I know. But they have been doing this for a couple of years now for Opera users... <_<

    Just started with Google+ and try to get the feel for it. I'm pretty occupied with creating my own blog and that feature is awesome.

    Show us! ;)