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  1. Hopefully, they will all be replaced by LEDs once the technology needed to dissapate the heat appears.  They are a lot more efficient but the heat sinks really hurt their environmental friendliness and price effectiveness.


    I've never heard anyone complain about LEDs being too warm or waste too much energy. LEDs are perfect for locations where more traditional light sources - or even CFLs - can cause a problem. Mind you, that is not to say that LEDs don't produce heat, or that even more energy could be saved. As the author here notes:


    "[...] heat is produced within the LED device itself, due to the inefficiency of the semiconductor processes that generate light. The wall-plug efficiency (optical power out divided by electrical power in) of LED packages is typically in the region of 5-40%, meaning that somewhere between 60 and 95% of the input power is lost as heat."

  2. His response does not surprise me. Rick Perry is an ignorant corporate shill. Back in 2011, during Texas severe drought, Perry advocated prayers to help stop the drought...


    Perry "issued a proclaimation for Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas. For three days, Perry asked Texas to kneel at the pew, or at the foot of their beds, and silently ask God to bring water to their parched state."


    Amazing... :rolleyes:<_<

  3. I want to share something that I experienced personally here in our country. This is a simple example but this is a personal experience of the impact of climate change in our country. When I was a child, our place which is situated on the foot of the highest mountain of our country, we usually experience a cold climate. However, at this time, we do not. We could hardly sleep from 2-4pm without using an electric fan or an air condition unit. This, too, is the word of mouth of people who are older than I am. This is a product of what we humans do to our planet.


    Thank you for sharing your first-hand experience with us!


    How is the general climate change discussion in the Philippines? Are people worried? Is there a big support for action against global warming? What are your politicians saying?

  4. I agree with you and the post I've written it's very interesting. What's more important for Europe is a strong European Commission with the essential particepation of the Greens in Environmental Commission. I really hope that Europeans will choose Schulz which is not so socialist (he's more social democratic) but I think he can do the first step for the future of Europe


    Thank you. :)


    I would rather see more powers are given to the parliament.


    At the moment the parliament is not the political body that decides in Europe. Unlike other parliaments in Europe and elsewhere, the members of the European Parliament are not allowed to put forth their own political suggestions. Their role is basically to keep an eye on the EU budget and vote on the proposals given to them by the European Commission.


    The European Commission is not directly elected by us, but by the European Council. And the Council is also not elected by us. We choose parties that choose a leader who goes into a Council, which selects a Commission that presents their proposals to the Parliament.


    So, I think we need to abolish the Commission and the Council and introduce elections to the European Parliament every third year. Only then can EU become truly democratic!


    There's hardly any differences between Schulz & Juncker! ;)


    Jokes aside, yes, I agree with you Mark. I would like to see more co-operation between the socialists and the greens. After all, they should be - and are - sharing the same values and ideologies. But in the recent debates, Ska Keller have sounded more like a socialist than Schulz!

  6. Rare Amazon trees are being cut down by criminal loggers and turned into luxury garden decking. And it’s for sale at builders merchant Jewson!
    We’ve reported Jewson to the UK government regulator. But if we kick off a big enough threat to their reputation as a responsible company, we could get them to stop selling dodgy wood in days, not months. We can do it with a huge and fast-growing petition. 
    Can you sign now to demand Jewson stop plundering the Amazon?
    The criminal loggers use sophisticated scams to give their illegal timber a legitimate-sounding cover story. You won’t find Amazon timber at B&Q and Homebase - but you will at Jewson.
    A two-year Greenpeace investigation and an undercover sting in April have revealed they buy wood from the riskiest part of Brazil, where almost 80% of logging is illegal.  
    A salesman for Jewson’s partner company told our undercover investigator that the paperwork from Brazil, claiming to show where the timber comes from, is "not worth much more [than] what it's written on”. 
    The Amazon rainforest is living, breathing, vast and beautiful.  It’s home to millions of animal, plant, insect and bird species. Yet criminal loggers smash roads right through it to get to rare trees, roads that are often later used to start fires for illegal land clearance.
    Recently, together we got Oriental & Pacific Tuna to stop using fishing methods that kill turtles and sharks after targeting their biggest retailer, Tesco. And we got Procter & Gamble to agree to stop buying palm oil from companies that destroy Indonesia’s rainforests.
    Now let’s do it for the Amazon.
    Sign the petition:

    Jewson claims that the wood it sells is legal but the only evidence they can point to is exactly the same paperwork used by criminal gangs to disguise illegal timber. Time to call them out - sign now.

  7. These >satellite images, of reduced winter snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, shows just how bad the drought in California is. The photo on the left is from February 23, 2011, and the photo on the right is taken on February 23, 2014.




    As a result of the drought, California is now facing large and dangerous wildfires. "This is unbelievable. This is extreme. This has gone from dry conditions to volatile conditions," said Paul Mendes, police captain of Carlsbad, California.


    But there are extreme weather events in other parts of the world as well. The Balkans are experiencing the worst floods in the region in 120 years - with 47 dead and whole towns evacuated. In Bosnia, Foreign Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija called the flood damage "immense" and even compared it to the destruction during the country's 1992-95 war, AJE reports.

  8. Ahead of this week's European parliament elections (22-25 May), PollWatch has published it's latest and final prediction.




    EPP, the conservative party group, would receive the majority of the seats in the parliament, according to their pre-election polls. The Socialists would be the second largest political group. EPP would get 217 seats, 16 more than the Socialists. The Greens would actually lose seats, going from their current 58 seats to 44 seats. This would mean that the main EPP candidate, Jean-Claude Juncker could soon become EU's most powerful politician.


    This is just sad, albeit not surprising. Juncker is boring, white, old, and a man. He is basically the epitome of conservatism. It would also mean bad news for the climate and our environment with an EU that will continue to lack political will to combat the climate crisis. In debates, Juncker has used the term "floodgates" to talk about migrants. He has claimed he "don't know anything" about the TTIP mandate. And his political group supports "fracking" and austerity measures, among many things.


    If you are eligible to vote in the European elections, please use that right and vote for a greener Europe with more solidarity.

  9. Such a sad accident, and it seemed to have been made much worse due to greed from the mine owners. :( And the response from leading politicians in Turkey is beyond comprehensible.


    Chris Williams writes that the miners were killed by a system that values fossil fuels and profits above the lives of those who are paid poverty-level wages to dig for coal. His solution to prevent future accidents is collective ownership.


    And in Brazil they use ten of these conveyor belt boats in the Rio de Janeiro bay to collect 15 tons of garbage from the water - every single day. But despite this, Brazil won't make its own "clean water" targets that it set up ahead of the Olympics.


    "Brazil will not make good on its commitment to clean up Rio de Janeiro's sewage-filled Guanabara Bay by the 2016 Olympic Games, state environmental officials acknowledged [...]

    Authorities pledged to cut by 80 percent the flow of pollution into Guanabara Bay by the 2016 Games through the expansion of the sewage network and the construction of River Treatment Units, or RTUs, built at the mouths of rivers flowing into the bay. The facilities would filter out much of the sewage and trash.

    But little progress has been made on either front, and with just over two years to go until the Olympics, nearly 70 percent of the sewage in the metropolitan area of 12 million inhabitants continues to flow untreated, along with thousands of tons of garbage daily, into area rivers, the bay and even Rio's famed beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema."

    Read more here:

  11. Another sad truth that is bringing many dangers and some of them are very hidden. In the soil of the Southwest of USA we can find the Coccidioides fungus. In dry months, the dust scatters in the wind and can be breathed into the lungs, infecting humans and animals. The incidence is rising dramatically in the Southwest, where reported cases increased tenfold from 1998 to 2011, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

    You can find more on:


    Wow I was not aware of that. Thanks Mark!


    "Valley Fever is one of multiple diseases experts say are spreading in part because of climate change. They include a brain-eating amoeba showing up in northern lakes that were once too cold to harbor it and several illnesses carried by ticks whose range is increasing. [...] About 60% of those infected have no symptoms and never know they have it. An additional 35% have symptoms of fatigue and weight loss and typically miss "a few weeks to a few months of work" but get better, Thompson says. In about 5% of cases, the most extreme, the fungus finds its way into the bones, the brain or the skin, while other people fail to ever clear the organism from their lungs."


    Now that is horrible scary to imagine!

  12. I agree!


    1. The Keystone XL pipeline would not reduce foreign oil dependency.
    2. Contrary to popular opinion, Keystone XL would have increased domestic oil prices.
    3. Proponents of the pipeline overstated the number of jobs that would be created.
    4. Current Keystone pipeline leaked 12 times in last year.
    5. And the environmental concerns about oil leaks are justified.
    6. Mining tar sands would worsen global warming. Or in the words of NASA climate scientist James Hansen, be "game over for the planet."

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  13. The U.S. National Drought Monitor reports that half of the United States is now experiencing drought - with nearly 15 percent of the nation gripped by extreme drought (see the >map below). The scale and severity of the drought is  especially worrying. Another concern is the persistence of this drought, with droughts staying in force for longer and longer periods.


    The entire state of California is currently affected by extreme drought. This has a serious impact on the fruit and vegetable agriculture sector in California as well as for grains and livestock in the Plains and South Central West. It's expected that at least 54 percent of the U.S. wheat crop, 30 percent of corn, and 48 percent of cattle is affected by some level of drought.




    And in the east of the U.S. it's almost the opposite. A recently released report confirms that climate change is already impacting the United States. The number of extreme weather events, including very heavy rain events, has increased in the eastern parts of the nation. The number of extreme rain events has already increased over 70 percent in the Northeast.


    Are you experiencing any of this extreme weather?

  14. In 2012 I wrote about the plans to build Park Royal - a a green luxury skyscraper in the heart of Singapore.


    "With the Park Royal Tower, the architect firm WOHA wants to change how future skyscrapers are built. Instead of the rather cold and hard straight lines that are characteristic of today's more ordinary skyscrapers, the Park Royal Tower will be built with a much softer and greener approach. Some of the building's more natural features include waterfalls, contoured green pathways, leafy terraces and vertical gardens."


    The construction of the skyscraper is now finished and the '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>photo album added below shows the result.


  15. Today it's 28 years since the horrible nuclear accident in Chernobyl. The area around the reactor remains permanently evacuated, and many people's lives are still ruined.


    The only way to stop another dangerous nuclear accident is to shut down Europe's ageing nuclear plants.


    If an accident were to happen it would be devastating, especially considering Europe's population density, and potentially affect millions of people and several countries.


    You can see the evacuation zones around Europe's plants on this interactive map.