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  1. A faulty processor and a computer failure, what a great way to start the holiday and the new year with...

  2. Happy Holidays Everyone! :)

  3. Why are all MP3 players so ugly?

  4. Welcome to the forums Leila! :)

  5. Welcome to the forums! :)

  6. Hello! I removed your signature because the image wasn't loading anymore and it was slowing down some pages. I hope you don't mind.

  7. Damn. All these climate reports that are being released these days are really depressing...

  8. Hey there! You seem to be missing a username. Just tell me what username you want and I'll help you fix it.

  9. Welcome to the forums! :)

  10. Working on some major changes and bug fixes to this community.

  11. Hello Artemis! I hope everything is OK with you. Hope to see you soon. :)

  12. This summer has been one of the worst ever. It has been cold, dark and rainy pretty much every day. And now I am also sick. Great!

  13. Everyone can now use a new skin called "Overlay Green"!

  14. Working on the final "small" changes before I can safely say that the forum is ready for launch. If you see anything that doesn't look right or something that isn't working please let me know.

  15. Yeah I've kinda missed it too. Although the place doesn't look much right now that will hopefully change soon. I am still working on setting the forum up properly and will soon "open it up". If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve the forum please let me know. :)

  16. Hi Link! Thanks for joining again. Hope you had a great midsummer. :)

  17. Hi Mountainhiker, thanks for joining again! :)

  18. Hi Artemis! Awesome that you wanted to join another round. ;) I've added you as a friend!

  19. I just updated my profile with a new photo of myself!

  20. Hello Clem! It's nice to see you here. :)